Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Would you still?

     Imagine you were living in the dark times of before. If you saw what the future held, would you still have optimism about what lies in the future?

     Back then, Filipinos were forced to do everything the Spaniards said. They didn't have the chance to have a say of how they felt. They were all like this for about three hundred years. They've sacrificed, they've fought, and they became braver than they really were to achieve what every Filipino is now experiencing at this very moment. Dr. Jose Rizal never had a Facebook account. Antonio Luna never got to take a single selfie. Marcelo del Pilar never got to send a text message. Filipinos have made a leap as far as the heavens.

     Lives have changed, and Filipinos have changed. You have your phone next to you beeping messages. You and your family have a car, which was always free to be used. You have a nice school with the highest possible quality of education. You get to sing, dance, act, speak, eat, write, or sleep! And with that, I dearly welcome you to the new world.

     But, life right now is a bit hard too. There are deadlines for work that need to be submitted tomorrow! There's a car outside your house waiting to be fed of gas! There are stacks of books piled on your table waiting to be opened and read! There are employees at work waiting for their salary to be given! Everything in the world has its limits and ends. You can't watch TV all day.
     Sometimes you just want to curl up in bed like a fluffly little kitten and make a run from all your problems. Then slowly, your brain turns around and screams with all its might. "What in the world are you doing? You've got loads of homework to do there, missy! And suddenly, you get up and do everything in a second. This new world we live in can be totally frustrating. We all want our lives to be easier, but we don't know how. There doesn't seem like any possible way.

     The good news is you aren't alone. Everyone experiences this, at least one point in their lives. Baby, child, teenager, adult, or grandparent, we all feel the same way about stress.

     The new world is the new life. It is facing the struggles we hate most everyday, but becoming better from it. The old times aren't as easy as where we are now. There is an opportunity of having a better life. Yes, the new world is quote challenging. But hey, would you travel through time just to go through the struggle Filipinos used to face? Be contented with the world you have now. Time grows, and that is how a new world is born. 

*Feature Article I wrote for school paper (I'm a feature writer btw)
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