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The Boy Who Knew Everything

     There is a prophecy. It speaks of a girl who can fly and a boy who knows everything. The prophecy says that they have the power to bring about great change. . .

     The boy's name is Conrad Harrington IIIl. He has a best friend, also known as the girl who can fly, Piper McCloud. 

     For a seventh birthday party, Conrad stayed inside a room, being asked senseless questions by a ninny. "You build a house with four square walls each with only southern exposure. A bear shows up. What color is the bear?" the ninny, Dr. Hilda Hammish asked. "White" answered Conrad. And so, more and more questions followed with the correct answers coming out of Conrad's mouth. Until Conrad's dad came in. Senator Harrington. In the end, his dad carelessly let him go with Dr. Hammish.

     And for the following four years, after being away from his dad and escaping everyone from the control of Dr. Letitia Hellion (Another mad doctor) , Piper stepped in and saved the day by offering Conrad her home and family. The McClouds, consisting of Piper McCloud, Betty McCloud (Piper's mom), and Joe McCloud (Piper's dad) lived on a humble farm in remote lowland country and, like Piper, they were honest and good-hearted country folk. 

     Piper and Conrad collected all of their old friends like Kimber, Smitty, Jasper, and Violet, whom they saved from Dr. Hellion. Just like them, they also had powers. And they established a team, to save the world from harm and destruction. 

     But everything changes when Conrad and the McClouds hear word that Senator Harrington becomes president, and claims that his son, Conrad is dead. And then a helicopter lands in front of the McCloud farm. With the first lady inside. Who is Conrad's mom. She came there to tell him something. Conrad was their only hope. They desperately needed him. He was smart, and he might just do it. Because Conrad's baby sister, Aletha, was lost. 

     And because of this, Piper and Conrad go to the white house and start searching for Aletha. But matters become worse when they find her in a room inside a room above the fireplace. They save her, but that's when President Harrington enters Aletha's room, followed by a dark figure who shot the president with a gun. 

     J., a friend of Piper and Conrad, suddenly appears in the white house and bring them to a place his sister, Dr. Hellion told him was paradise for their kind. J. was older than Piper and Conrad, but he was also like them. He had the ability to turn invisible. He took Piper and the conscious Conrad to that "Paradise", only to be sent out once again by a girl named AnnA. With Aletha in the hands of the McClouds, J. goes back to the kids for help to get into this Paradise. 

     And if you didn't know, Paradise was amazing. There were different flowers of which Conrad didn't know of, with beautiful mountains and valleys all around. The people were called Xanthians, and all had abilities just like Conrad and Piper. This place was called as Xanthia. It was purely breathtaking. But it was as dangerous as much as it was beautiful.

     With an evil Xanthian lurking around the corner, secrets are slowly revealed, and it's up to the girl who could fly and the boy who knew everything to save the day.

     The boy who knew Everything is a companion to the New York Times bestseller, The Girl Who Could Fly. I do have to say that this story surprised me at every moment, but I should also say that the surprises could have been revealed better. There was one part where Piper and Conrad discover Starr, who was Conrad's grandma. Starr said that she had a son named Peter, which was the name of his dad. But she said that in the middle of the story, which didn't surprise me that much, and I figured it all out easily. Perhaps Forester could have revealed that at the end of the chapter. Something like "My son's name is Peter" as the end of a chapter, since I know there would be a bigger surprise feeling. I should also say that there were some holes in the story, like what happened to Dr. Hellion in the end (I should tell you that J. let her out and she was all mad). The story is also entitled "The Boy Who Knew Everything", but I'd better say that there are times where Conrad doesn't know something. So he's just extremely smart, he doesn't know Everything. But still, the story and choices of words are very outstanding! The details were perfect and vivid. Some of the greatest books should make you say something like "Started from there, and now we're here", which means you've got into something so far from where you were then. And The Boy who knew Everything was very much like that.

The Boy Who Knew Everything by Victoria Forester
Cover Illustration ©2015 by Iacopo Bruno
Cover Design by Rich Deas and Anna Booth
Photo from Google images
RatingO  O  O  O  O
Suggested Age of Readers: 9+
Genre/s: Fantasy, Young Adult, Adventure, Fiction

*Book Review


About the Author 
Victoria Forester
     Victoria grew up on a remote farm in Ontario, Canada. After graduating from the University of Toronto, her passion for storytelling led her to write and direct a short film for the CBC. When her next film was completed (The Pony’s Tale which aired on Global Television) she eagerly, and perhaps rashly, set off to Los Angeles.

     The famous independent film producer, Roger Corman, mentored Victoria and gave her the opportunity to write and direct her first feature film, Circuit Breaker for Showtime starring Richard Grieco and Corben Bernsen. 

     This was soon followed by Macon County Jail with David Carradine and Ally Sheedy, and Cry of the White Wolf for the Disney Channel. Next Victoria directed Teen Scorcery, a fun story about mischievous teenage witches that was shot in Romania

     The Girl Who Could Fly began as a screenplay that was optioned by Paramount Pictures. Victoria loved the story so much she decided to write it as a book as well. It is her very first book but she looks forward to the opportunity of writing many, many more.

     She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, newborn daughter and ridiculously orange cat, Rufus.

Victoria Forester
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Tall Story by Candy Gourlay

      Have you ever felt like everybody's already as large as skyscrapers while you're as tiny as a bug? Well, you aren't alone! Everyone goes through it, but be careful what you wish for.


     Bernardo was a normal kid, living in the Philippines, in a small Barrio called San Andres with his Aunt and Uncle. His mom and stepsister live in London, but his father. . . well, he was out of the picture. He loved basketball more than anything else. He had a best friend named Jabby. But his one wish, was to stay with his family. Nothing more.

     All his life, Bernardo has been the smallest guy at Sacred Heart Academy. He'd been thought of as a little kid, when in reality he's already in High School. He always wanted to be tall. But suddenly, a girl named Gabriela gave him a Wishing Stone. She said that you could wish for anything, anything at all. And then Bernardo wished. 

     But that wasn't the only time Bernardo had an encounter with the wishing stone. He saw it once more, tied to Gabriella's neck. And then Bernardo wished.


     Andi was the average teenager. She lived with his mum and dad in London. She had short hair, and you'd mistake her as a boy. She was small. But she LOVED basketball. 

     Andi and Bernardo have two different lives. They were far from each other, they weren't a block away. But they were siblings. They were extremely different. But all that changes when Bernardo gets his wish. He gets to go to London, and he grows taller. Oops, correction! He became a giant! An eight foot tall teenager! 

Rating: O  O  O  O  O
Suggested Age of Readers: 9+
Genre: Fiction

*Book Review


About the Author

Candy Gourlay
Candy Gourlay
Photo from Google images
      Candy Gourlay was a journalist writing about dictators in the Third World before she took up a full time position battling dictators of the nappy-clad variety. She inadvertently became a web designer while avoiding doing the dishes. She takes procrastination to new levels by blogging, drawing and making YouTube videos for fun. Her debut novel TALL STORY has been nominated for the Carnegie Medal and shortlisted for 13 awards. It won the 2012 National Children's Book Award in the Philippines as well as the 2011 Crystal Kite Prize for Europe.

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Ever After High: Ashlynn's Diary

March 13, 2015

      My heart is breaking into fragments. I can't take it anymore. How could I not miss these guys? 

      Today is one of the last few weeks of this school year at Ever After High. I know one thing is for sure. I know I'm not wrong. This was the best school year ever, and nothing in the world will ever have the capability to explain the joy of exploring the campus, having wicked awesome teachers, trying out new things, and being with my best friends. I love you Ever After High. Forever.

     Because of this, me and my friends will be having a pool party at my place on our last day! Our teachers have done nothing but make us watch movies because the last day's just around the corner, and we've got nothing else to do. So me and my friends had loads of time to goof off and do anything we wanted. We're actually in the middle of writing letters to each other (even if we're a centimeter away) and watching Night at the Museum 3 and Toy Story 3. 

      So far, Raven, Holly, Maddie, Apple, and Cedar were the only ones allowed to come. (But Apple had to have her aunt go with her) Right now, my true heart's desire is to make this pool party successful. It's the last day of me and these guys being together, since lots of them will be traveling abroad and transferring to new schools. All I want is to remember this day, where we were all together even if it was the last.

March 18, 2015

     This is it. This is it. A sad and happy day combined into one.

      Sad news!!! Holly won't be able to come! That leaves me, Cedar, Raven, and Apple. DING!!!!! The bell's rang! Oh my fairy godmother! Me and my friends came bursting out of the classroom. I still had to contact my dad, he still forgets that I can't be late for anything! And there he is!!! The carriage is right outside! I called my friends, and squeezed our way out. And then the security guard blocked us. How polite! 

      After ten minutes of arguing with the useless security guard, he finally allowed us to go out. And the rarest thing happened. My friends were going to my palace. They were going to my house. We actually did it! 

      The next thing I knew was that we were crowded in the carriage. Once we got home, we all ate really quick, but Raven was really full since she ate hundreds of chocolates at EAH's last day feast. And then we started swimming! I was swimming! With my friends! This was all too much happiness! After that, we went to my bedroom and played some video games. (Specifically, we addicted over Just Dance, and grooved to the songs of Applause, Starships, Just Dance, Kiss you, and Gentleman.)
And then they took a quiz (which I made!) about everything that's happened this year, with Jar of Hearts on repeat.

     And then the next thing I knew was that we were all in that carriage again. Dropping off Raven and saying Goodbye. Tears dropping out of my eyes.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Underneath the Bed

     Long long ago, when phones didn't exist, and music was out of taste, was a little girl named Daisy Light. She had brown hair which she always tied into pigtails, and beautiful majestic blue eyes. She loved lots of things! Books, Stories, Toys, and Games! One thing she loved most was her family. But despite the pain, despite the weeping, and despite how she truly felt, Daisy could hide anything with a single smile. Because behind this cheerful innocent sweet girl, is a frightened and misunderstood six year old. 

     Mr. or Mrs. Bright always went to read Daisy a bedtime story and sing lullabies. And then one of them would tuck little Daisy under the warm soft blanket and kiss her goodnight with a matching "I love you". But little did these parents know, that once they'd turn their backs, Daisy's eyes would grow to the size of an owl's, and her heart would skip a beat. Then she'd turn on the lights, and keep an eye of that horrible world underneath her bed. 

     One night, as Daisy was filled with love and kisses to have a good night's sleep, her mom came back after an hour or so because she'd forgotten to get her bag. And she found a bright room and Daisy, wide awake, doing nothing but stare under het her bed as the time aged more and more. 
"Sweetheart, why haven't you gone to bed? It's half past nine." 
"M-Mum, they're under my bed." 
"Who are sweetie?"
Daisy stayed silent, tears falling under her eyes as her mom peeked underneath, seeing nothing but cobwebs and old toys.
"Honey dear, there's no one in there."
Daisy pretended to hear nothing. Mrs. Bright scooped her little princess and cradled her in her hands, even though she was getting bigger, like a baby. 
"Daisy, look at me," After a few more repetitions, Daisy looked into her mother's eyes.
"Please answer me. I won't be able to help if you don't." Daisy nodded.
"Since when has this started?" asked Mrs. Light gently.
"When I was four." 
"Why haven't you told me and daddy?" 
"I was afraid, because the m-m-mon. . . monsters might hunt me." 
"And where did you hear about those monsters?" 
"Blu? What did your brother have to do with this?" 
"He told me that monsters lived under my bed and they hated children and killed them with no such mercy and he said they had the b-body of a f-f. . . fish and the head of a-a lion." Daisy gulped, then continued. "And if I-I told anyone about this they'd come and get me and kill me!" 
     Daisy started creating an ocean of tears. Mrs. Bright looked at her little princess, with concern and kindness.
"Blu!" growled Mrs. Bright quietly so Daisy wouldn't hear. After a minute of full crying, Mrs. Bright knew the best thing to say.
"Baby, look at me."
"Mum, I don't want to die!" 
Mrs. Light sighed.
"First of all, if those monsters did exist, then they'd be attacking you right now because you told me." Daisy took a look around to see if anyone was hiding.
"Monsters aren't real. I guess your annoying big brother made that up to scare you." continued Mrs. Bright.
"But mum, what if they ARE real?"
Mrs. Light looked at her daughter, as if she was communicating with her silently. Withe her eyes locked with Daisy's, Mrs. bright knew what to say.
"If you're afraid, Daisy, just think of the monsters as Dory and Aslan. If they're underneath your bed, they're the monsters to the enemies. Because they want to protect you. I know you love them as much as I do, so what's there to be afraid of?" 
Daisy considered this, until her face turned into an unexplaineable grin.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets by J.K Rowling

     After a year at Hogwarts, Harry Potter is proud to call it as it home. Though Hogwarts nearly killed him, and he's got an ice heart Potions teacher named Snape, it was far far from the Dursley's. Well, why wouldn't he love Hogwarts? With three of the best friends, sports he's extremely good at, and magical secrets and surprises waiting at every corner, how could you not love Hogwarts? 

     But Harry's having doubts. He hasn't received a single letter from Hermione or Ron. Have his friends forgotten about him? Was this Hogwarts School just a big long dream? 

     And then it happened. He was warned. Guests were arriving, and Harry had to stay in his bedroom. Pretending he wasn't there. Everything was going as planned - until Harry finds himself facing an ugly little creature. He had skin like an elephant's, he wore a worn out gray pillowcase, and his eyes were as large as tennis balls. A house elf! It was Dobby. He tells Harry that Hogwarts is dangerous, he mustn't come. And in return, he'd give him Ron's and Hermione's undelivered letters. And Dobby just did the best thing ever. The Dursleys heard all the ruckus, and punished Harry. They padlocked his window and door, and fed him nothing but canned soup. 

     But one night, he saw a something bright, flying in the sky. Perhaps an airplane - but it was so near, so fast, and so large. And then Harry realized it wasn't at all an airplane. It WAS a flying car! It came nearer and nearer, then came leveling Harry's window, revealing three red heads. Fred, George, and Ron Weasly! Eventually, they kidnapped Harry and brought him to the Burrow - The Weasly's. And thus the adventure as second years begin. And lurking in Hogwarts, is a danger never before seen. A chamber, potions which make you be different, a basilisk hidden, a diary of the dark. It's up to Harry to save the day.

     In my opinion, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone was better than this one. But seeing the dark lord once again, and expanding what we know of Hogwarts, the mystery, adventure, and magic is not left behind! Once again, a big hand for J.K Rowling.

Rating: O  O  O  O  O
Suggested Age of Readers: 11+
Genre/s: Fantasy
Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets by J.K Rowling
Photo Credit: J.K Rowling
*Book Review


About the Author

J.K Rowling
     As a child, Rowling often wrote fantasy stories, which she would usually then read to her sister. She recalls that: "I can still remember me telling her a story in which she fell down a rabbit hole and was fed strawberries by the rabbit family inside it. Certainly the first story I ever wrote down (when I was five or six) was about a rabbit called Rabbit. He got the measles and was visited by his friends, including a giant bee called Miss Bee." At the age of nine, Rowling moved to Church Cottage in the Gloucestershire village of Tutshill, close to Chepstow, Wales. When she was a young teenager, her great aunt, who Rowling said "taught classics and approved of a thirst for knowledge, even of a questionable kind," gave her a very old copy of Jessica Mitford's autobiography, Hons and Rebels. Mitford became Rowling's heroine, and Rowling subsequently read all of her books.

J.K Rowling
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Thursday, November 19, 2015

"The Past is another country. They do things differently there." - Cressida Cowell

     We have all experienced that annoying unthinkable word called pain. We have all wept, and we all perfectly know what sadness means. We've practically experienced being crushed bit by bit. We've been humiliated. But we survived.

     And that was the past. That was finished. It's all gone, it's far far away. The days of crying yourself to sleep are gone. The days of being humiliated and taken over have disappeared. You've already visited that country. Right now, you're in the present. 

     How to Train your Dragon's book author, Cressida Cowell agrees. Back in the dark times, dragons and vikings used to be at war. But now they're at peace. Would you even believe that vikings are on the backs of dragons?! 

     The past seems like a bajillion years ago from now. Right now, you're better. You've grew. You've learned. And that is what the past teaches us. Without the painful hurtful past, would you ever see this beautiful present? Would you ever have a five star hotel if you didn't start with a small apartment? Would you ever be your class valedictorian if you didn't spend those four years of studying?

     The past is another country. They do things differently there.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Ever After High: Ashlynn's Diary

February 16, 2015

     Technically, me and my friends, Raven, Maddie, Cerise, Apple, Cedar, and Holly are very close with Sparrow. He can be silly and fun. But as I've said, he can be very annoying. Annoying as Headmaster Grimm. And unfair. With that, here's what happened.

     I was the only one seated in the classroom. Everyone was doing nothing but goof of as the clock ticked more and more. I was practically in a beehive! I swear! Daring (Eldest Son of King Charming), Dexter, (Son of King Charming) and Humphrey (Son of Humpty Dumpty) were running all around, as Sparrow, and Hunter (Son of the Huntsman) chased them. Raven was talking with Cedar and Cerise. Apple was talking to Lizzie (Daughter of the Queen of Hearts), Duchess (Daughter of the Swan Queen), and Melody Piper (Daughter of the Pied Piper). Briar (Daughter of the Sleeping Beauty), Holly, and Maddie sat in one corner and chatted. About five or six people stayed in their seats and took a nap. Curses! To pass some time, I started writing in my Ever After High diary aka the ultimate source for all things EAH. So I opened a page, and started scribbling some stuff about what happened today so far. (By the way, Raven and the others are now going nuts and running and screaming all around cause Sparrow and his Merry Men started picking on them) 

     12:30 passed. Then 1:00. It's 1:05 now. Good thing it's not midnight! I continued writing in the diary. 
"5. Castleteria
     -Supporting the dining needs of royals, the castleteria has fo -"

Before writing another letter, before stopping to close the notebook, before I could move a muscle, before another millisecond could pass, I looked up as my eyes flamed with rage. Just because Cinderella was meant for being saved, just because I'm a royal, doesn't mean I can't kick his face.


February 16, 2015, 1:06 pm

     At first, he ignored me. No. Wait, let me rephrase that. He did ignore me! I stood up and tried chasing right after him, but a Knock Knock was heard, and then everyone ran as fast as they could and pretended to be sleeping or reading. I went back to my seat and saved my anger up for later. I can be all girly, sensitive, and funny, but I can also punch someone's face really bad. Don't judge me by my cute shoes and green eyes. You've been warned. 

     Ms. Trollsworth came inside. Finally a teacher! "Bookball club members, get out and prepare for your departure." She talked lazily and had no such interest. She closed the door. Then she peeked again, and half showed her body. "And don't look like I didn't notice you earlier." Then she slammed the door and made a terrifying echo. 

     The bookball guys started to get ready for their camping trip which was almost half of the boys. Which meant Sparrow was leaving too. Well, lunch time was just around the corner, so maybe I could catch up with him. Then kill him. (Kidding!) 

    Okay, so the bell rang and we strated going out. I looked at Cerise, Holly, Cedar, Madeline, and Apple. Raven sobbed and hid her face on her table. "Come on Raven." "You can do it!" After a few minutes, Raven finally got up with her red teary eyed face. Her hair was messy and her violet and black highlights were as crazy as Wonderland. Cerise and me held her hands and she did her best to stand up. Because the bookball club had a camping trip, Sparrow had brought a tent with him. And for some reason, he hit Raven with it. I do have to say that Raven would normally fight back like me. But if she doesn't, something is just wrong. We went out and ate in the covered court. And then I finally saw Sparrow. But then I stopped. Because I'd totally be dead to pieces if I didn't. Robin Hood. the Robin Hood was right there! Saying goodbye to Sparrow! And so, the Bookball club rode their bus, and Robin Hood kept a good watch on his son. And then we never got revenge. But there were more important matters. "AWWW!!!" And then I rushed to Raven's side.

      Her leg was hurt. 

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

My Palace

     I looked to my right and saw a gigantic house being punished with smoke. I looked to my left and saw a huge crowd of horses being forced to work over and over. I looked above me and saw a beautiful blue ceiling. Welcome to my palace.

     I looked at myself and saw unlimited supplies of canned goods, infinite pieces of papers, and black pearls. How rich and powerful I become by the minute.

     For generations, I was the one hero who saved everyone from catastrophe. Except for my sister Umi, who hasn't been any help since the day she was born. My palace lies here in South. And West. And East. And North. I am powerful. Very powerful.

     I provide them everything they need. Confidence to start the day. A little something to help them live. And a source of family fun.

     And yet I am treated like nothing.

     No matter how powerful I may be, no matter how much Umi keeps being the bad girl, and no matter how much I help people, I am no use. To them, I'm just a piece of dirt. I bet no one would even care if I went away. But that's just how they think of me right now. Just let them wait until I'm all used up, and not taken care of. 

     The clock is ticking. Year by year, I grow weaker and weaker. I may seem big in numbers, but the time is near. I've been here through the thick and thin, I've wept. I've suffered. I've been humiliated. I'm nothing. I'm dead. 

      I looked at myself and saw empty cans, used papers, and black dirt. I've sacrificed myself for them to be clean. I let them take some of me just to drink. I let them go inside of me to play and have fun with their families. I looked to my right and saw a smoky factory. I looked to my left and saw a swarm of cars with unchanged oil engines. I looked above me and saw the beautiful blue ceiling - slowly turning gray, slowly disappearing.But somehow there is hope. I know they can't let me die. They need me, despite how they act. Because I. . . am Water.



Monday, November 16, 2015

A Million heartbeats. Lost.

     Have you ever experienced the moment where you feel extremely happy like nothing in the world will ever be able to stop you? Like when you have a reunion with your old batch mates. Let's say you're talking and laughing with your heart's content until a stranger starts shooting each one of you. The End. Do you feel happy? No. And this, is what five countries experienced in one day. 
     On Novemeber 13th, 2015, Friday, Japan experienced a 7.0 magnitude earthquake and a tsunami. Baghdad witnessed a horrible suicide funeral bombing, and the source says they think ISIS is the one responsible for this. Beirut had two suicide bombings as well, in a busy shopping. Mexico encountered a 4.3 magnitude earthquake. And Paris, the worst of all, experienced terrorist attacks by ISIS in six different places; Stade de France, Le Petit Cambodge, Rue de la Fontaine au , Bataclan, République, and La Belle Équipe. 
Makurazaki, Japan

     Nothing but freedom, peace, and beauty. I was flying over the clouds while riding a unicorn! Ohhh the silky soft texture of my hands touching the clouds just made me feel free. No worries, no doubts! Just me and Uni flying all around. I kissed her cheek and combed her hair. And then I heard a splash of waves. Wait, what? Then I looked down. Where was Uni? She disappeared! I screamed and fell down on an isolated street with only one lamppost. Thank God I was still breathing. The next thing I saw were the glow in the dark stars in the ceiling of my bedroom. It was only a dream! I sat up. I looked outside my window and saw a huge wave of water followed by my bed starting to shake. "Mom!!!" I opened my door and ran as far as my tiny weak legs could carry me. I ran and ran - It was like time was slowing down and I felt like I was glued to one place, it took me forever. I couldn't see anything, I could feel my night dress being drenched in the cool salty water but it took a lot more of that to stop me. And then I hit my head hard on something like a cold stone. Then I never saw that wooden brown door of my parents. Beirut had 

Shiites in Baghdad

     Oh how I loved my dad. I can't believe he died, only trying to protect us. It was unfair. We used to play all kinds of made up games around the house. Then I'd die of laughter because of his silly jokes. I took one last look at him. The last chance of ever seeing my dad, beyond pictures, memories, and dreams. The last look. I'll love you forever, dad. No matter what. That's a promise. A tear as painful as a car crushing me went down my cheek as I turned around. But behind me was something even worse. A sound louder than a bullet gun. It was followed by a herd of black smoke, then I fell over my dad's coffin. I cried and tried to be positive. I tried to get up, but I saw nothing but infinite darkness. I tried. And tried. And tried. I was practically boneless. I did my best. But it was hopeless. I wrapped my little arms around the coffin of my dad and let my eyes fall, seeing his face before entering the land of pitch black.


     I came over to pick some more food. I'm sure my daughter Andi will love this! My cooking is her absolute favorite. It would break her heart if I stopped cooking. Here's another ingredient! I walked towards the stall. "Ma'am, how much is that?" Before having the chance to reply, a sudden "BOOM!!!" sound came whistling all over my ears. I ducked, but it was too late. I crashed over a basket of fruits. I hid my head under my arms until my eyes couldn't help but falling. I had to fight. This couldn't be the end. Andi needs me. I felt so heavy like a train and as weak as a piece of dust. I didn't give up. I couldn't. Nothing is ever going to stop me. I almost stood up, but I fell back to the stool and saw nothing but blood dripping above my eyes. I didn't care how much blood, tears, or pain it was going to take. I'll get home, Andi. I'll cook you your favorite chocolate chip cookies later. I love you Andi. 

Bala California, Mexico

     You know one thing that always makes me happy to get to school? My mother! Though most kids are embarrassed, or annoyed by their parents, I love mine. She's a teacher, and we don't have much time to talk when we're at home since she's really busy. I guess she's already there, cause she normally goes there first. I love her more than anything else in the world. She was there through the thick and thin, being my own father AND mother. I get down the bus and enter the classroom. "Hi mom!" And then our emergency bell suddenly rang, which meant an accident was about to occur. My mom grabbed me by the hand, and dragged me out of the classroom. We walked as quickly as possible, until she left me in our evacuation area. "Stay safe, sweetie. I've got to help Ms. Bay with all the other kids. Promise to come back. Remember, I love you." Then she kissed me on the cheek. But I felt different. Happy? Because my mom loved me so much? Nope. Sad? Because there was an emergency? Nope. My mom's kiss and words felt so. . . so . . . loving and unforgettable. I was afraid. Somehow, I had the feeling that this was going to be the last time I'd ever see her again. But I can't allow it. I have to find her.


    One thing you should know about me, is that I LOVE SOCCER. One thing you should know about my dad, is that HE LOVES SOCCER. Just one more point and they'll win!!! "GERMANY!!!!" "FRANCE!!!!" Me and dad screamed along with all our might as the ball almost went into the goal. Almost. But I heard a sound as painful as new pieces of chalk being used on the chalkboard. "BOOM!" My heart yelped with fear, fighting to be brave. Everyone ducked. I held dad's hand and we were asked to stay in the middle of the stadium. And then I heard more fires. But the next thing I knew was that I wasn't holding my dad's hand. Only his prized possession - his soccer cap passed on from thousands of generations. The firing never stopped, and everyone surrounding me started collapsing with a huge stain of blood on their bodies. Then nothing but smoke everywhere. Who was doing this? I tried to run as fast as I could, and then I saw a bullet shoot. Time stopped. My heart stopped. It was like there weren't even bullets anywhere. That didn't matter. It was painful, I was so helpless. I needed help, I couldn't bare it. I couldn't bare seeing my dad. . . lying on the ground. . . innocent. . . yet full of blood. And then I didn't know what happened next. I just suddenly felt pain, a world of never ending darkness, and my hands slowly loosing its grip on my dad's cap. Nothing mattered now. Better yet end this. 

     I finally got to attend the concert with my friends! It's my first time, and I just love their music so much! I'm sure I'll bring home another happy story for mom and dad. I should even thank them, I wouldn't be here if it weren't for them. I love those guys. Oh my gosh, it's starting!  My eyes grew wider, and the butterflies in my tummy were unstoppable! "And here is the one thing you've all been waiting for! Put your hands together for - " The excitement and joy inside of me just died, I couldn't find it. Because it was killed by fear and danger. And then the host . . . he . . . he . . . he . . . he was s-suddenly covered in. . . b-blood. Everyone ducked, and then thousands of men came out of nowhere with giant guns, and started shooting. They were merciless. While ducking, I looked at my friends, trying to be brave, with a face full of tears and told them that we should go out. Think happy thoughts. You're going to go home later, and you'll tell mom and dad all about this. "Guys I think we should - " I didn't know what happened at first. It was like a very sharp blade was hitting me again and again, like it wasn't even contented with its first hit, it wouldn't stop. And then I saw black. Everywhere.

     1,000,000 heartbeats. All dead. These countries are in the darkest of times. Paris was attacked by terrorists. Parisians doing nothing wrong, and yet they're being killed for the sake of other people's religon. Killing has never been right. We face so much struggles in our life, and to be killed is purely unfair. In the end, we all die. So why kill people right now when the time will come in the future? This is just all wrong.
     Pray for Paris. Pray for Mexico. Pray for Beirut. Pray for Baghdad. Pray for Japan. Pray for the world. Pray for the bad guys and make them realize what they're doing. We need to put a stop to this.

"It's an act of war, committed by a terrorist army Daesh (ISIS), an army of Jihadists, against France," - Francois Hollande

"I want to state my solidarity and compassion for all the families who are impacted and I want to point out once again how efficient the security forces were in carrying out their duty in the extremely difficult conditions," - Francois Hollande 

"There is no religious or human excuse for this. This is not human. I am moved and pained. I don't understand, but these things are hard to understand. How can human beings do this?" - Pope Francis.

Pray for the world, and everyone in it. 

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Ever After High: Ashlynn's diary

January 5, 2015 

      Ever After High is just CHARMING! Oh my fairy godmother, if you just had eyes, dear diary! Everywhere I looked, there were spellbinding pieces of lockers, walls, and doors colored royal purple, red, and gold. Just like what my MirrorPod had said, purple is for rebels, who want their own happy ending, and red is for royals, who want to follow in their parents' footsteps. And I, became the leader of Royals! My day, started out like this.

     At 9:30 am sharp, I went straight to the Castleteria and sat with Raven Queen. I could tell that there were a lot of newbies too, since they almost all looked as nervous as I was. I saw a wooden like skin colored girl, a beautiful student with a red dress, a wolf like someone, an annoying guy who plays the guitar, and a childish yet fun classmate. And you will NEVER believe this. I made lots of new friends! Royal AND rebel! Apple White, daughter of Snow White, Cedar Wood daughter of Pinocchio, Sparrow Hood, son of Robin Hood, Holly O' Hair, daughter of Rapunzel, Madeline Hatter, daughter of the Mad Hatter, and Cerise Hood, daughter of Red Riding Hood! They haven't chosen their sides yet, so me and Raven helped them. I became the royal student council leader! And by the way, we've got loads of Royals than rebels. I just con't wait for the next days! Charm ya later diary! 

Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Ever After High: Ashlynn's Diary

January 4, 2015

     Fireworks were attacking all around, and children were yelling and dancing with crazy grins planted on their faces! The new year has come! Hello, Twenty fifteen! And I've spent weeks researching, and I'm about to get hexquisitely busy. It all starts at the Royal Palace of Cinderella, on a sunny afternoon.

____________________JANUARY 4, 2015_____________________________
                                            3:32 PM
Ashlynn Ella: Hey Raven! Hope ur having a good time in Japan! Really miss u
Raven Queen: Me too, Ash :)
Ashlynn Ella: I got some good news!!!
Raven Queen: Yeah?
Ashlynn Ella: I'm going 2 eah 2morrow!!! 😄
Raven Queen: Really???!!!!
Ashlynn Ella: YEAH!!! 
Raven Queen:  Wow!! Good luck 2morrow! I'll wait for you by the castleteria 2 give u a tour.
Ashlynn Ella: Tnx Raven! Ur the best! Am quite nervous 4 2morrow.
Raven Queen: Don't be! Just follow ur heart and have fun! Eah has lots of surprises! 
Ashlynn Ella: K. Luv ya Raven! Charm u later! Can't be late for my 1st day!  (Ya know, daughter of Cinderella)

BTW, Raven is the daughter o the Evil Queen, but I assure you that she's the total opposite.

Tuesday, November 03, 2015

How Plants Grow

     Starting from a little seed, into a little plant, into a big wooden tree. Beginning from nothing, anything can become the best of the best. 

     Remember the time when you were crying because of a popped balloon? You just wanted the balloon to stay with you forever and never ever leave you alone! But now, you're crying over unfair deadlines. How could your boss be so mean and tell you to get that presentation ready before tomorrow, when you've just started! You miss the times when things were easier, and you felt carefree. You miss the past.

     Problems people face today are not as easy as waving a wand and saying the magic words. I'm sure that all of us would rather have our old simple childish problems rather than these impossible real world problems. But, have we thought that we get more perks when we get older? Sure, life can get rough, but now, you can finally drive a car! The dream you never stopped dreaming of as a kid! Now, you're finally in a classroom teaching the sweetest kids! You're a hero saving people's lives in a white lab gown! Tell me, that this isn't at least a little good.

     When life gives you lemons, make some lemonade. When life gets rough and harsh, look at the bright side. If you haven't been going through this hard life you're in right now, you wouldn't be that teacher, doctor, or lawyer you've always wanted to become. We all change, but we only become better. Inside, you've still got that little boy crying over a popped balloon, only little boy 2.O right now. 

     Becoming a big strong tree, prepared to face the gray thundering clouds ahead, you begin to tell yourself. "What's a seed to do if it won't become a tree?"

Monday, November 02, 2015

Hogwarts Best Friend Quiz

Hogwarts Best Friend Quiz

     Have you always wondered of who might be your best friend at Hogwarts? Well, no need to wonder, for the Hogwarts Best Friend Quiz is right here! Read the questions and choose the letter of your answer. Get a pen and a piece of paper, since you'll have to record your choices to see the results at the bottom. I'd also like to give the quiz credits to Scholastic's website. Be honest, and Good Luck! 

1. Which Hogwarts class are you most looking forward to?
a) Care of Magical Creatures. 
b) Herbology. 
d) Defense Against the Dark Arts. 
e) Alchemy.

2. You are most nervous about . . . 
a) exams. 
b) bullies. 
c) rules. 
d) possibly not being the smartest person in your class. (GASP!) 
e) not knowing which of your 37 Yule Ball date invitations to say yes to.

3. Your favorite Bertie Bott’s Beans flavor is . . . 
a) soap. 
b) grass. 
c) sausage. 
d) black pepper. 
e) banana.

4. If you ran into Fluffy the Cerberus—a vicious three-headed dog–in a dark Hogwarts hallway, your first reaction would be to . . . 
a) feed it a treat. 
b) run away. 
c) cast a shrinking spell on it. 
d) play music for it, obviously. 
e) report it to the authorities.

5. You would most likely get into trouble for . . . 
a) roaming the castle after hours. 
b) losing your homework. 
c) pranking another student. 
d) checking out an off-limits book from the library. 
e) Actually, you never get into trouble.

6. You hope your patronus is a/an . . . 
a) dolphin. 
b) giraffe. 
c) gopher. 
d) otter. 
e) bear.

7.Your favorite potion is . . . 
a) Amortentia (a love potion). 
b) strength potion. 
c) Polyjuice potion (a potion that makes you look like another person). 
d) Felix Felicis (a lucky potion). 
e) Draught of Peace (a calming potion).

8.Besides classes, what are you most looking forward to? 
a) Hanging out with mermaids. 
b) Exploring the library. 
c) Going to Zonko’s Joke Shop in Hogsmeade. 
d) There’s life outside class? 
e) Quidditch!

9. Which house would you be sorted into? 
a) Ravenclaw. 
b) Hufflepuff. 
c) Gryffindor. 
d) Slytherin. 
e) It doesn’t really matter as long as you end up at Hogwarts!


If you picked mostly A’s – LUNA LOVEGOOD
Your best friend at Hogwarts is the brilliant (but sometimes spacey) Luna Lovegood. You’re a creative and curious soul and you need someone who can keep up with your wandering mind. Luna not only keeps up with you, but she leads you into some very strange and exciting adventures! People whisper not-so-kind things about you two behind your backs, but that’s because they don’t understand what they’re calling “weird” is really just “wonderful.” Besides, you two have never cared at all about what anyone ever thought of you—you are completely lost in your own spectacular universe!

If you picked mostly B’s – NEVILLE LONGBOTTOM
You’re quiet and reserved, and you like your privacy. That’s why Neville Longbottom is your best friend. You two could spend hours reading in silence next to each other and be perfectly happy. You will love having long, thoughtful conversations about the fascinating things you’ve learned in class or read about in your free time. You don’t hold being loud and flashy against other people, but it’s not really your thing. However, when the going gets tough, you two aren’t afraid to stand up for each other—or yourselves! You both are brave and kind, and your friendship is steady, trusting, and warm.

If you picked mostly C’s – THE WEASLEY TWINS
You’re popular and you can’t help it! Obviously, when it comes to having a bestie, you could never settle for just one—that’s why your best friends are those famous, fantastic twins, Fred and George Weasley! You’re a gang that believes in having a good time ALL the time, even if it means getting into trouble. But no one ever stays mad at you long, because you are only ever causing a ruckus to make other people smile. What’s so wrong with that? And even if you seem to be silly 24/7, your loyalty and love are no joke. You’re fierce friends to the very end, whether it comes to standing up to a bully or facing off with He Who Shall Not Be Named.

If you picked mostly D’s – HERMIONE GRANGER
You’re a quick-witted genius and find yourself smarter than most people, so your best friend is—naturally—Hermione Granger. The two of you may argue sometimes, but you have too much respect for each other to ever stay mad about anything for very long. There’s usually some problem that other people need you to help solve, so it’s up to the two of you to combine forces and save the day (again). The very best thing about your friendship is that as much as you may complain, you are always 100% ready and willing to help each other and your other friends whenever it’s needed. The two of you inspire everyone around you to be more fearless and selfless every day!

If you picked mostly E’s – CEDRIC DIGGORY
You’re a genuine and pure person with a heart of gold. You don’t like to break the rules at all, but you have a very strong sense of right and wrong. You’re no trendsetter since you like to play it safe, but people are drawn to your open and honest personality, so you are very well liked by everyone. The two of you would spend all your time together playing Quidditch, eating pizza, and playing video games (or going on accidental adventures). You both value the little, everyday things in life, and that makes your friendship a solid, happy one.

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Sunday, November 01, 2015

Ever After High: The Unfairest of them All by Shannon Hale

     Welcome to Ever After High, the school where all the fairytale children study. The school is divided into two. The Royals, who want to follow in their parents' footsteps, and the rebels, who want to make their own happily ever after. Legacy Day is the day where each student is supposed to sign the Storybook of Legends, and pledge to follow in their fairytale parents' footsteps. 

     But Raven Queen, daughter of the evil queen, has put everyone's story in jeopardy. She broke her page in the storybook of legends, since she didn't want to be the next evil queen, and poison Apple White, daughter of Snow White. (Technically, Apple and Raven are frenemies.)

     And that could break all of the students' destinies.

     With Yester Day coming, each student should download an app on their phones, which will let them visit any fairytale world they want to help them fulfill their destinies. 

     But a day comes where Madeline Hatter, daughter of the Mad Hatter, is expelled because of touching the Uni Carin and responsible of making Wonderland's Jabberwocky even stronger.

     Apple and Raven do everything to make Maddie get back to Ever After High. They ask help from their fellow schoolmates. Then they suddenly find theirselves asking help from Raven's mom, the Evil Queen, (who is in Mirror Prison) through a laptop. Rumor has it that the evil queen was dead, but she was very much alive, only hidden in prison. To help Maddie, Raven has to reach a higher level of her magic, and there's only one person who can help her do that, which is her mom. 

     Will Raven and Apple ever help Maddie and stop the Jabberwocky? Will the Evil Queen have mercy and help?

     This book gives a twist to the fairytales we know of. With the daughter of the evil queen being kind and making friends with Snow White's daughter, you'll probably be nicer to the evil queen. If you also love all kinds of fairytales, prepare to read some kind of unique fan fiction crossover. With fun, excitement, humor, and adventure, you'll be thinking twice about your usual fairytale characters. 

RatingO  O  O  O  O
Suggested Age of Readers: 8 years old and above
Genres: Fairytales, Young adult, Fiction, Retellings, Adventure
Ever After High: The Unfairest of them All by Shannon Hale
Cover Art: Javier Caparo
Cover design by Tim Hall 
*Book Review


About the Author

Shannon Hale
     New York Times best selling author Shannon Hale started writing books at age ten and never stopped, eventually earning an MFA in Creative Writing. After nineteen years of writing and dozens of rejections, she published The Goose Girl, the first in her award-winning Books of Bayern series. She has published seventeen books for young readers including the Newbery Honor winner Princess Academy and its two sequels, multiple award winner Book of a Thousand Days, superhero YA novel Dangerous, and the first four Ever After High books. Her novels for the adult crowd include Austenland (now a major motion picture starring Keri Russell) and Midnight in Austenland. Shannon and her husband Dean Hale have collaborated on several projects such as Eisner-nominee Rapunzel's Revenge and early chapter book series The Princess in Black. They spend non-writing hours corralling their four young children near Salt Lake City, Utah.
Shannon Hale
Photo from Google images
Description of Author text Credits: