Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Ever After High: Ashlynn's Diary

January 4, 2015

     Fireworks were attacking all around, and children were yelling and dancing with crazy grins planted on their faces! The new year has come! Hello, Twenty fifteen! And I've spent weeks researching, and I'm about to get hexquisitely busy. It all starts at the Royal Palace of Cinderella, on a sunny afternoon.

____________________JANUARY 4, 2015_____________________________
                                            3:32 PM
Ashlynn Ella: Hey Raven! Hope ur having a good time in Japan! Really miss u
Raven Queen: Me too, Ash :)
Ashlynn Ella: I got some good news!!!
Raven Queen: Yeah?
Ashlynn Ella: I'm going 2 eah 2morrow!!! 😄
Raven Queen: Really???!!!!
Ashlynn Ella: YEAH!!! 
Raven Queen:  Wow!! Good luck 2morrow! I'll wait for you by the castleteria 2 give u a tour.
Ashlynn Ella: Tnx Raven! Ur the best! Am quite nervous 4 2morrow.
Raven Queen: Don't be! Just follow ur heart and have fun! Eah has lots of surprises! 
Ashlynn Ella: K. Luv ya Raven! Charm u later! Can't be late for my 1st day!  (Ya know, daughter of Cinderella)

BTW, Raven is the daughter o the Evil Queen, but I assure you that she's the total opposite.
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