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Hogwarts Best Friend Quiz

Hogwarts Best Friend Quiz

     Have you always wondered of who might be your best friend at Hogwarts? Well, no need to wonder, for the Hogwarts Best Friend Quiz is right here! Read the questions and choose the letter of your answer. Get a pen and a piece of paper, since you'll have to record your choices to see the results at the bottom. I'd also like to give the quiz credits to Scholastic's website. Be honest, and Good Luck! 

1. Which Hogwarts class are you most looking forward to?
a) Care of Magical Creatures. 
b) Herbology. 
d) Defense Against the Dark Arts. 
e) Alchemy.

2. You are most nervous about . . . 
a) exams. 
b) bullies. 
c) rules. 
d) possibly not being the smartest person in your class. (GASP!) 
e) not knowing which of your 37 Yule Ball date invitations to say yes to.

3. Your favorite Bertie Bott’s Beans flavor is . . . 
a) soap. 
b) grass. 
c) sausage. 
d) black pepper. 
e) banana.

4. If you ran into Fluffy the Cerberus—a vicious three-headed dog–in a dark Hogwarts hallway, your first reaction would be to . . . 
a) feed it a treat. 
b) run away. 
c) cast a shrinking spell on it. 
d) play music for it, obviously. 
e) report it to the authorities.

5. You would most likely get into trouble for . . . 
a) roaming the castle after hours. 
b) losing your homework. 
c) pranking another student. 
d) checking out an off-limits book from the library. 
e) Actually, you never get into trouble.

6. You hope your patronus is a/an . . . 
a) dolphin. 
b) giraffe. 
c) gopher. 
d) otter. 
e) bear.

7.Your favorite potion is . . . 
a) Amortentia (a love potion). 
b) strength potion. 
c) Polyjuice potion (a potion that makes you look like another person). 
d) Felix Felicis (a lucky potion). 
e) Draught of Peace (a calming potion).

8.Besides classes, what are you most looking forward to? 
a) Hanging out with mermaids. 
b) Exploring the library. 
c) Going to Zonko’s Joke Shop in Hogsmeade. 
d) There’s life outside class? 
e) Quidditch!

9. Which house would you be sorted into? 
a) Ravenclaw. 
b) Hufflepuff. 
c) Gryffindor. 
d) Slytherin. 
e) It doesn’t really matter as long as you end up at Hogwarts!


If you picked mostly A’s – LUNA LOVEGOOD
Your best friend at Hogwarts is the brilliant (but sometimes spacey) Luna Lovegood. You’re a creative and curious soul and you need someone who can keep up with your wandering mind. Luna not only keeps up with you, but she leads you into some very strange and exciting adventures! People whisper not-so-kind things about you two behind your backs, but that’s because they don’t understand what they’re calling “weird” is really just “wonderful.” Besides, you two have never cared at all about what anyone ever thought of you—you are completely lost in your own spectacular universe!

If you picked mostly B’s – NEVILLE LONGBOTTOM
You’re quiet and reserved, and you like your privacy. That’s why Neville Longbottom is your best friend. You two could spend hours reading in silence next to each other and be perfectly happy. You will love having long, thoughtful conversations about the fascinating things you’ve learned in class or read about in your free time. You don’t hold being loud and flashy against other people, but it’s not really your thing. However, when the going gets tough, you two aren’t afraid to stand up for each other—or yourselves! You both are brave and kind, and your friendship is steady, trusting, and warm.

If you picked mostly C’s – THE WEASLEY TWINS
You’re popular and you can’t help it! Obviously, when it comes to having a bestie, you could never settle for just one—that’s why your best friends are those famous, fantastic twins, Fred and George Weasley! You’re a gang that believes in having a good time ALL the time, even if it means getting into trouble. But no one ever stays mad at you long, because you are only ever causing a ruckus to make other people smile. What’s so wrong with that? And even if you seem to be silly 24/7, your loyalty and love are no joke. You’re fierce friends to the very end, whether it comes to standing up to a bully or facing off with He Who Shall Not Be Named.

If you picked mostly D’s – HERMIONE GRANGER
You’re a quick-witted genius and find yourself smarter than most people, so your best friend is—naturally—Hermione Granger. The two of you may argue sometimes, but you have too much respect for each other to ever stay mad about anything for very long. There’s usually some problem that other people need you to help solve, so it’s up to the two of you to combine forces and save the day (again). The very best thing about your friendship is that as much as you may complain, you are always 100% ready and willing to help each other and your other friends whenever it’s needed. The two of you inspire everyone around you to be more fearless and selfless every day!

If you picked mostly E’s – CEDRIC DIGGORY
You’re a genuine and pure person with a heart of gold. You don’t like to break the rules at all, but you have a very strong sense of right and wrong. You’re no trendsetter since you like to play it safe, but people are drawn to your open and honest personality, so you are very well liked by everyone. The two of you would spend all your time together playing Quidditch, eating pizza, and playing video games (or going on accidental adventures). You both value the little, everyday things in life, and that makes your friendship a solid, happy one.

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