Monday, November 16, 2015

A Million heartbeats. Lost.

     Have you ever experienced the moment where you feel extremely happy like nothing in the world will ever be able to stop you? Like when you have a reunion with your old batch mates. Let's say you're talking and laughing with your heart's content until a stranger starts shooting each one of you. The End. Do you feel happy? No. And this, is what five countries experienced in one day. 
     On Novemeber 13th, 2015, Friday, Japan experienced a 7.0 magnitude earthquake and a tsunami. Baghdad witnessed a horrible suicide funeral bombing, and the source says they think ISIS is the one responsible for this. Beirut had two suicide bombings as well, in a busy shopping. Mexico encountered a 4.3 magnitude earthquake. And Paris, the worst of all, experienced terrorist attacks by ISIS in six different places; Stade de France, Le Petit Cambodge, Rue de la Fontaine au , Bataclan, République, and La Belle Équipe. 
Makurazaki, Japan

     Nothing but freedom, peace, and beauty. I was flying over the clouds while riding a unicorn! Ohhh the silky soft texture of my hands touching the clouds just made me feel free. No worries, no doubts! Just me and Uni flying all around. I kissed her cheek and combed her hair. And then I heard a splash of waves. Wait, what? Then I looked down. Where was Uni? She disappeared! I screamed and fell down on an isolated street with only one lamppost. Thank God I was still breathing. The next thing I saw were the glow in the dark stars in the ceiling of my bedroom. It was only a dream! I sat up. I looked outside my window and saw a huge wave of water followed by my bed starting to shake. "Mom!!!" I opened my door and ran as far as my tiny weak legs could carry me. I ran and ran - It was like time was slowing down and I felt like I was glued to one place, it took me forever. I couldn't see anything, I could feel my night dress being drenched in the cool salty water but it took a lot more of that to stop me. And then I hit my head hard on something like a cold stone. Then I never saw that wooden brown door of my parents. Beirut had 

Shiites in Baghdad

     Oh how I loved my dad. I can't believe he died, only trying to protect us. It was unfair. We used to play all kinds of made up games around the house. Then I'd die of laughter because of his silly jokes. I took one last look at him. The last chance of ever seeing my dad, beyond pictures, memories, and dreams. The last look. I'll love you forever, dad. No matter what. That's a promise. A tear as painful as a car crushing me went down my cheek as I turned around. But behind me was something even worse. A sound louder than a bullet gun. It was followed by a herd of black smoke, then I fell over my dad's coffin. I cried and tried to be positive. I tried to get up, but I saw nothing but infinite darkness. I tried. And tried. And tried. I was practically boneless. I did my best. But it was hopeless. I wrapped my little arms around the coffin of my dad and let my eyes fall, seeing his face before entering the land of pitch black.


     I came over to pick some more food. I'm sure my daughter Andi will love this! My cooking is her absolute favorite. It would break her heart if I stopped cooking. Here's another ingredient! I walked towards the stall. "Ma'am, how much is that?" Before having the chance to reply, a sudden "BOOM!!!" sound came whistling all over my ears. I ducked, but it was too late. I crashed over a basket of fruits. I hid my head under my arms until my eyes couldn't help but falling. I had to fight. This couldn't be the end. Andi needs me. I felt so heavy like a train and as weak as a piece of dust. I didn't give up. I couldn't. Nothing is ever going to stop me. I almost stood up, but I fell back to the stool and saw nothing but blood dripping above my eyes. I didn't care how much blood, tears, or pain it was going to take. I'll get home, Andi. I'll cook you your favorite chocolate chip cookies later. I love you Andi. 

Bala California, Mexico

     You know one thing that always makes me happy to get to school? My mother! Though most kids are embarrassed, or annoyed by their parents, I love mine. She's a teacher, and we don't have much time to talk when we're at home since she's really busy. I guess she's already there, cause she normally goes there first. I love her more than anything else in the world. She was there through the thick and thin, being my own father AND mother. I get down the bus and enter the classroom. "Hi mom!" And then our emergency bell suddenly rang, which meant an accident was about to occur. My mom grabbed me by the hand, and dragged me out of the classroom. We walked as quickly as possible, until she left me in our evacuation area. "Stay safe, sweetie. I've got to help Ms. Bay with all the other kids. Promise to come back. Remember, I love you." Then she kissed me on the cheek. But I felt different. Happy? Because my mom loved me so much? Nope. Sad? Because there was an emergency? Nope. My mom's kiss and words felt so. . . so . . . loving and unforgettable. I was afraid. Somehow, I had the feeling that this was going to be the last time I'd ever see her again. But I can't allow it. I have to find her.


    One thing you should know about me, is that I LOVE SOCCER. One thing you should know about my dad, is that HE LOVES SOCCER. Just one more point and they'll win!!! "GERMANY!!!!" "FRANCE!!!!" Me and dad screamed along with all our might as the ball almost went into the goal. Almost. But I heard a sound as painful as new pieces of chalk being used on the chalkboard. "BOOM!" My heart yelped with fear, fighting to be brave. Everyone ducked. I held dad's hand and we were asked to stay in the middle of the stadium. And then I heard more fires. But the next thing I knew was that I wasn't holding my dad's hand. Only his prized possession - his soccer cap passed on from thousands of generations. The firing never stopped, and everyone surrounding me started collapsing with a huge stain of blood on their bodies. Then nothing but smoke everywhere. Who was doing this? I tried to run as fast as I could, and then I saw a bullet shoot. Time stopped. My heart stopped. It was like there weren't even bullets anywhere. That didn't matter. It was painful, I was so helpless. I needed help, I couldn't bare it. I couldn't bare seeing my dad. . . lying on the ground. . . innocent. . . yet full of blood. And then I didn't know what happened next. I just suddenly felt pain, a world of never ending darkness, and my hands slowly loosing its grip on my dad's cap. Nothing mattered now. Better yet end this. 

     I finally got to attend the concert with my friends! It's my first time, and I just love their music so much! I'm sure I'll bring home another happy story for mom and dad. I should even thank them, I wouldn't be here if it weren't for them. I love those guys. Oh my gosh, it's starting!  My eyes grew wider, and the butterflies in my tummy were unstoppable! "And here is the one thing you've all been waiting for! Put your hands together for - " The excitement and joy inside of me just died, I couldn't find it. Because it was killed by fear and danger. And then the host . . . he . . . he . . . he . . . he was s-suddenly covered in. . . b-blood. Everyone ducked, and then thousands of men came out of nowhere with giant guns, and started shooting. They were merciless. While ducking, I looked at my friends, trying to be brave, with a face full of tears and told them that we should go out. Think happy thoughts. You're going to go home later, and you'll tell mom and dad all about this. "Guys I think we should - " I didn't know what happened at first. It was like a very sharp blade was hitting me again and again, like it wasn't even contented with its first hit, it wouldn't stop. And then I saw black. Everywhere.

     1,000,000 heartbeats. All dead. These countries are in the darkest of times. Paris was attacked by terrorists. Parisians doing nothing wrong, and yet they're being killed for the sake of other people's religon. Killing has never been right. We face so much struggles in our life, and to be killed is purely unfair. In the end, we all die. So why kill people right now when the time will come in the future? This is just all wrong.
     Pray for Paris. Pray for Mexico. Pray for Beirut. Pray for Baghdad. Pray for Japan. Pray for the world. Pray for the bad guys and make them realize what they're doing. We need to put a stop to this.

"It's an act of war, committed by a terrorist army Daesh (ISIS), an army of Jihadists, against France," - Francois Hollande

"I want to state my solidarity and compassion for all the families who are impacted and I want to point out once again how efficient the security forces were in carrying out their duty in the extremely difficult conditions," - Francois Hollande 

"There is no religious or human excuse for this. This is not human. I am moved and pained. I don't understand, but these things are hard to understand. How can human beings do this?" - Pope Francis.

Pray for the world, and everyone in it. 

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