Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Ever After High: Ashlynn's Diary

March 13, 2015

      My heart is breaking into fragments. I can't take it anymore. How could I not miss these guys? 

      Today is one of the last few weeks of this school year at Ever After High. I know one thing is for sure. I know I'm not wrong. This was the best school year ever, and nothing in the world will ever have the capability to explain the joy of exploring the campus, having wicked awesome teachers, trying out new things, and being with my best friends. I love you Ever After High. Forever.

     Because of this, me and my friends will be having a pool party at my place on our last day! Our teachers have done nothing but make us watch movies because the last day's just around the corner, and we've got nothing else to do. So me and my friends had loads of time to goof off and do anything we wanted. We're actually in the middle of writing letters to each other (even if we're a centimeter away) and watching Night at the Museum 3 and Toy Story 3. 

      So far, Raven, Holly, Maddie, Apple, and Cedar were the only ones allowed to come. (But Apple had to have her aunt go with her) Right now, my true heart's desire is to make this pool party successful. It's the last day of me and these guys being together, since lots of them will be traveling abroad and transferring to new schools. All I want is to remember this day, where we were all together even if it was the last.

March 18, 2015

     This is it. This is it. A sad and happy day combined into one.

      Sad news!!! Holly won't be able to come! That leaves me, Cedar, Raven, and Apple. DING!!!!! The bell's rang! Oh my fairy godmother! Me and my friends came bursting out of the classroom. I still had to contact my dad, he still forgets that I can't be late for anything! And there he is!!! The carriage is right outside! I called my friends, and squeezed our way out. And then the security guard blocked us. How polite! 

      After ten minutes of arguing with the useless security guard, he finally allowed us to go out. And the rarest thing happened. My friends were going to my palace. They were going to my house. We actually did it! 

      The next thing I knew was that we were crowded in the carriage. Once we got home, we all ate really quick, but Raven was really full since she ate hundreds of chocolates at EAH's last day feast. And then we started swimming! I was swimming! With my friends! This was all too much happiness! After that, we went to my bedroom and played some video games. (Specifically, we addicted over Just Dance, and grooved to the songs of Applause, Starships, Just Dance, Kiss you, and Gentleman.)
And then they took a quiz (which I made!) about everything that's happened this year, with Jar of Hearts on repeat.

     And then the next thing I knew was that we were all in that carriage again. Dropping off Raven and saying Goodbye. Tears dropping out of my eyes.
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