Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Underneath the Bed

     Long long ago, when phones didn't exist, and music was out of taste, was a little girl named Daisy Light. She had brown hair which she always tied into pigtails, and beautiful majestic blue eyes. She loved lots of things! Books, Stories, Toys, and Games! One thing she loved most was her family. But despite the pain, despite the weeping, and despite how she truly felt, Daisy could hide anything with a single smile. Because behind this cheerful innocent sweet girl, is a frightened and misunderstood six year old. 

     Mr. or Mrs. Bright always went to read Daisy a bedtime story and sing lullabies. And then one of them would tuck little Daisy under the warm soft blanket and kiss her goodnight with a matching "I love you". But little did these parents know, that once they'd turn their backs, Daisy's eyes would grow to the size of an owl's, and her heart would skip a beat. Then she'd turn on the lights, and keep an eye of that horrible world underneath her bed. 

     One night, as Daisy was filled with love and kisses to have a good night's sleep, her mom came back after an hour or so because she'd forgotten to get her bag. And she found a bright room and Daisy, wide awake, doing nothing but stare under het her bed as the time aged more and more. 
"Sweetheart, why haven't you gone to bed? It's half past nine." 
"M-Mum, they're under my bed." 
"Who are sweetie?"
Daisy stayed silent, tears falling under her eyes as her mom peeked underneath, seeing nothing but cobwebs and old toys.
"Honey dear, there's no one in there."
Daisy pretended to hear nothing. Mrs. Bright scooped her little princess and cradled her in her hands, even though she was getting bigger, like a baby. 
"Daisy, look at me," After a few more repetitions, Daisy looked into her mother's eyes.
"Please answer me. I won't be able to help if you don't." Daisy nodded.
"Since when has this started?" asked Mrs. Light gently.
"When I was four." 
"Why haven't you told me and daddy?" 
"I was afraid, because the m-m-mon. . . monsters might hunt me." 
"And where did you hear about those monsters?" 
"Blu? What did your brother have to do with this?" 
"He told me that monsters lived under my bed and they hated children and killed them with no such mercy and he said they had the b-body of a f-f. . . fish and the head of a-a lion." Daisy gulped, then continued. "And if I-I told anyone about this they'd come and get me and kill me!" 
     Daisy started creating an ocean of tears. Mrs. Bright looked at her little princess, with concern and kindness.
"Blu!" growled Mrs. Bright quietly so Daisy wouldn't hear. After a minute of full crying, Mrs. Bright knew the best thing to say.
"Baby, look at me."
"Mum, I don't want to die!" 
Mrs. Light sighed.
"First of all, if those monsters did exist, then they'd be attacking you right now because you told me." Daisy took a look around to see if anyone was hiding.
"Monsters aren't real. I guess your annoying big brother made that up to scare you." continued Mrs. Bright.
"But mum, what if they ARE real?"
Mrs. Light looked at her daughter, as if she was communicating with her silently. Withe her eyes locked with Daisy's, Mrs. bright knew what to say.
"If you're afraid, Daisy, just think of the monsters as Dory and Aslan. If they're underneath your bed, they're the monsters to the enemies. Because they want to protect you. I know you love them as much as I do, so what's there to be afraid of?" 
Daisy considered this, until her face turned into an unexplaineable grin.

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