Monday, March 21, 2016

Nothing Impossible

     The world isn't really cruel. It kind of is, but the world is also beautiful, it is wonderful, and it has thousands of things to be discovered. The world isn't full of villains, or corrupt country leaders. What is the truth? The world is unfair. Unfair. Unfair. Unfair.

     Take a rich man and a poor man. The rich man has a grand penthouse in the middle of the city, millions of food in the refrigerator, and let's say he even has the best family ever, and more money than the human population of the whole planet Earth. But the poor man doesn't have anything, anything at all, he eats his first and only meal alone in a tiny hut, then he goes out to do his farming as Mr. Sun continously sweats his back. The world is cruel to the poor man, but obviously, the world isn't as cruel to the rich man compared to the poor man. From my observations, eight out of ten people say that the world is cruel -- which is very different from unfair.

     I know that someday the world will change, the world will be nothing like anyone has ever imagined. No more robberies, civil wars, or world poverty. People can change, time can pass, and I may not even be alive, but I know that someday it will happen, like something that looks impossible, but eventually happened. Probably like when someone you love dies, and you still feel their love, you still know that you'll see them again, even if you know that it's kind of impossible. I am holdig on to the fact that the world is capable of change, because with a few ingridients, anything is possible.