Monday, May 25, 2015

June is Coming

A few days ago (I think that was May 6), me and my dad finally went to my school and enrolled me for school year 2015. Believe it or not, I had a great time by simply going there!

As me and my dad got to my school, we immediately went to the lower school department where the tuition fee rates where located. As we got into one of the rooms, butterflies immediately invaded my tummy. Something happened wherein a shy girl like me would feel extremely nervous. I saw my old preschool subject teacher. For some of you, it may not be a big deal but it really is for me. Still knowing me, she smiled just like last year and the year before that. Just like always, I didn't keep eye contact and kept quiet until me and my dad finally left the room. After that, we went to lots of rooms and offices inside the school. Each time we made a step, memories would flash in my head. I remembered all of the fun adventures me and my friends had. I was really hoping that this school year would be just like that. Me and my dad went to the variety store to get my school supply list and buy my uniform, we went to the registrar to change the home address in my school records and submit my last year Sanggumay class report card, we went to the accounting office to pay, and we finally went to the HELE room to buy all of my nine available textbooks, three missing. After all the walking, we finally went up the stairs going to the exit. I saw two people I would have never expected. I saw a girl with shoulder length hair colored brown. The butterflies who invaded my tummy from earlier came back again, only worse. I immediately looked straight ahead. I peeked to my left and saw that the brown haired girl rode her car and it drove away. I knew she didn't see me, but she knows me. I know her. She was my adviser last year. The teacher who I knew as my adviser had brown hair and was about to go (or should I say is) Singapore. Though I was too shy to be noticed, a part of me was very happy to see her. Me and my dad continued walking forward and a very very familiar and missed voice whom I missed was again heard near my right. "Athena!!!" cried the voice. With my heart racing, I looked excitedly with shining eyes and ran towards her. She was Candy. One of my best friends (Read "My Sisters" which has a connection to this part) We talked a little and one single part of our small and simple talk was indescribably cherished. I felt better than happy.

Once me and my dad got inside the car and said bye to Candy, a smile was still seen on my face. Me and my dad went to our favorite mall and ended buying millions of school supplies (which was fun!!!). The day ended up with us being very tired which had an unfortunate coincidence of quite a strong storm, I knew that this day would be one of the days where only very simple things occurred, but it would be one of the days I shall cherish and remember forever.My Sisters