Sunday, January 22, 2017

Baguio, Please!!!

Dear Dada, 

     Helloooo. It's been a couple of weeks ever since the Tagaytay trip, and I really had so much fun there. I also had another dream of you last Monday, and I now realize that it's always such a priceless moment whenever I get to see you. A story is even playing out in my head, about a girl who could communicate with the dead. But anywho, that's another chapter. 

     I'm writing to you today because I need your help. It's really strange, since I have no kind of confirmation at all that you're even reading this or seeing me right now as I type these very words. I never listen or believe in my heart, but with this situation, I'm purely relying on it and on my belief that your very eyes are dancing through the sentences, word per word, letter by letter. 

     For the past few days, mom and Aunt Jen have been planning for the family trip to Baguio. Everything is settled. Everyone was free, and everyone said that they would be able to go. But when Aunt Jen asked for the last call, grandma suddenly said no. Mom talked to her on the phone, and she said that it kind of offended her when she was asked that question. Mom successfully convinced her to say yes, and so mom called up Aunt Jen to say that the trip would push through. But after that, Aunt Jen spoke with grandma, and she changed her mind and said no once again.

      I really really hoped that everything was going to be settled last night, and I even did a super awesome lettering of Baguio in my planner! I'm feeling crushed, and I do not want to let this opportunity go to waste.  Dada, please help me out. I have a plan of talking to grandma later on the phone, so that she'd say yes to Baguio. Mom says that grandma would definitely say yes because I'm her only granddaughter, and grandchild that doesn't live with her. 

     In my opinion, I think that this plan will definitely succeed. But I need your help, because I might get tongue tied while talking to her, or I might lose track of what I'm about to say. You do know that between you and grandma, I was very much closer with you. Anyways, I understand that grandma is being quite a drama queen with this, because I know that she's old and, er old people are like that, right? 

     Aunt Jen is calling the whole plan off by 11 am, and I'm quite worried because it's already 10:17, and I still cannot contact her because Dad's working, and I need his phone to talk to her. But I think that even though she says yes and it's already 12 pm, the plan will still go through. Aunt Jen has to book a room for us already, and she has to do it asap, because a lot of people are visiting Baguio as well. But I am not taking no for an answer, and I need to convince my grandmother. 

     Help me out please. God, also hear my prayer. My cousin's already got a girlfriend! We are already growing up, and I'm beginning to realize that I only have a few years left to spend with my family -- with me still being a kid! I want to make more beautiful memories, and I'm starting to ignore the over thinking, awkwardness, or scary situations that may come. Because in this situation, I am truly starting to look at the positive and bright side. I miss the old days, and I want to rebuild the past. 

     I love you Dada, and I miss you. I hope you read this letter and help me out.