Wednesday, September 28, 2016

My Top Five Study Apps

     School has definitely been a humongous challenge for me these days, and it is nothing compared to my previous years. I'm in the cream section, and coping up with my brilliantly smart know-it-all (AND SLIGHTLY ANNOYING) classmates. Nevertheless, being in the cream section was quite a big adjustment and change for me because I was so used to being classmates with people who were quite different. Now, in the cream section, everyone in group works help. The class president doesn't have to say a thousand words just for everyone to listen. And everyone is so friendly. They're all so open, unlike my other school years where you'd seriously see a son of Hades. I'm thankful for this, and I want to keep up my high grades. To help me with that, I have various study apps to maintain my high grades or manage my time. Without further ado, here is my list of top five study apps.

1. Quizlet 
      This is the best app I've ever seen so far, and is truly effective as long as you have enough time for using on your phone. Quizlet lets you create your own study materials, or search for study materials online so that you won't ever have a hard time reviewing for those nasty midterms. It also lets you connect with your teachers, classmates, or class if your school is connected or aware of Quizlet. 
       It offers different review options such as Cards (where you write a question or term in front, and tap it for the answer or definition), learn (which asks different questions from your created/added (reviewer from another user) reviewer, and you'll have to answer each question), match (basically is like the traditional matching cards game. You'll have to match each term to its definition), and lastly, test (which asks questions in the form of multiple choices, true or false, etc.) 

Overall, I'd say that Quizlet is a 5/5 app, which I strongly recommend everyone to get.




Developer: Quizlet LLC
Category: Education
Rating: Rated 4+

2. myHomework Student Planner
     If you're horrible with time management and submitting homework, this is definitely the app for you. myHomework keeps track of all your requirements -- wether you need to study for a quiz or pass that paper about atoms, myHomework does it all. This amazing app asks for your homework's due date, it will give reminders and alerts depending on your preference, and even sorts out its priority. Total coolness! (not! lol xD)


     This app helps a lot, although it takes quite a lot of time entering your homework to the app, so I suggest making sure that you really do have time. It helps a lot, and it won't letcha down.


Developer: Rodrigo Neri
Category: Education
Rating: Rated 4+

3. PhotoMath
      If you're more with the words and less with the numbers like me, I promise that this will help! PhotoMath is something like a scientific calculator, but actually gives you a solution for each math problem you give! It can solve hand written problems, simply point your camera at it and then the magic will begin. It also gives you step by step procedures, so you'll never again be lost with all those nose bleeding integers. It can solve simple numbers to fractions, to square roots. 


Developer: Photomath, Inc.
Category: Education

4. Focus Zen
      Music and specific sounds are actually scientifically proven to enhance memory, increase concentration, or process more complicated stimuli easier than before. Focus Zen offers music and sounds just for that! You can easily get your earphones and listen to the music in Focus Zen while studying and doing your homework.



Developer: Mindvalley Creations Inc.
Category: Productivity 
Rating: Rated 4+

5. Duolingo
      I recommend this to all people wishing to learn a new language! It is the best learning app for learning new languages. It offers lessons in so many languages, and quizzes you as each lesson goes. You'll start with the basics, such as phrases, food, animals, and plurals, until you reach the difficult parts. It also tracks your lessons, and awards you with some digital coins called "lingots", which you can use to unlock various things like a new theme or a free one day break. After finishing your lessons, you'll be a bilingual master! 

     Duolingo offers lessons in English, Arabic, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portugese, Romanian, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese.

Developer: Duolingo, Inc
Category: Education
Rating: Rated 4+

      May God help us all with our studies and may high grades appear in my test papers.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Dear D,

Tomorrow, we'll be having once more another family reunion, celebrating Grandma's birthday. The mall location was changed, and for some reason, this bothers me a lot. My mind is bursting with questions and worries. What if I don't enjoy myself? What if tomorrow won't be as fun as the reunion two weeks ago? What if my cousins ignore me? What if it's just going to be ANOTHER out of place moment for me? I'm tired of it, and I've long accepted the fact that I practically have no grasp or control with this life. As I've said many times before, nothing happens even if you look at the bright side, have a positive mindset, or step out of your comfy zone. I always mess up. You can't blame me. I'm only human, and trust me when I say that I fail every time I try. It's natural for me to feel like this, so just please let me be. 

      I miss you, and I'm just thinking of how better these dark days would be with you, even if this wouldn't even be such a big thing for my five year old self. I ask of you and God to please guide me and stay with me. I've got no one else, and I NEED to cling to EVERYTHING that makes me happy and makes me feel better just to survive this horrible, horrible world. I miss you, and think of you every time I see my family. The days you'd visit our home just to watch my little plays...I never realized how big of a thing that was for you, especially since you and grandma lived a bit far from our house. I miss the days in the past where you'd visit home and and spend the whole time talking to me. I'd look forward to reliving my old baby pictures, with you always staring at me. I miss the days you'd pick me up to swim at your house. The days where you'd teach me and my cousin random stuff, as if we were big kids at a serious school. I miss seeing your warm eyes, and comforting smile. I just can't bear to think how much better things would be if you were still with us. What a very big change would happen. I love you, please never forget. XOXO.

         Photo from Pinterest (This is actually such a very 
          powerful quote, which I find soooo relatable)

Thursday, September 22, 2016


I have found a place
That no one else knows, 
From my sorrows that grow

      Photo from Pinterest

Up in the clouds, 
Where you are free and away
In the fluffiness and vivid blue sky
From all the lies and cries

      Photo from Pinterest

I have been to the deepest depths of the ocean, 
Filled with corals and starfish
Swimming like a mermaid
From worries, from stress

      Photo from Pinterest

I have touched the stars, you see
Saw them with my own two eyes
Colorful, yellow, or green
From cruelty, from all people

      Photo from Pinterest

I have been to castles, 
Met warriors and princesses
I've seen the oddest of things
Flying dogs, kind enemies, magical carpets
Away once more
From this horrid place you call the world

      Photo from Pinterest

Every night in this place I stay
Up in the clouds, away
In the city of my dreams, in my own thoughts
For in dreams we are in a world of our own
And anything can happen, I must say,
You can move trees and carry cars
Because as long as creativity is flowing, 
The impossible becomes possible, 
And you never know,
The real world could even become a place
Of your very own.

      Photo from Pinterest

A Girl I Once Knew

A girl I once knew
Flashed pretty smiles and had a laugh so true
She loved the world, no matter how blue
And treated everyone highly, without a single screw
A little miss sunshine she was,
Through and through

          Photo from Pinterest

A girl I once knew
Helped her friends up, gave them a tool
And smiled back, at the laughing people she'd never thought were fools
A girl I once knew
Cheered for the others; and fed an encouragement attack
And replied back, timidly 
That she is okay, and on the right track

      Photo from Pinterest

A girl I once knew
Looked at the mirror,
But the horrid truth struck once more
With my own face staring back blankly,
That Girl, little miss sunshine in front,
With tears, shouts, stabs of pain, 
Is this sunshine, is this sunshine you call?
Do not believe in lies
For the truth is always masked,
The depressed smile the brightest,
As the saddest leave the littlest of clues

      Photo from Pinterest

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Dear D,

     I miss you. I wonder what you'll think of this. 😊

PS: My original letter got deleted by this stupid blogger app, so please bear with meee. -_- 

Friday, September 09, 2016

Dear Callaron,

     Hey. It's been exactly eight months since the day I remembered dreaming of you. Eight months since I was on the ground, and saw you above me. I've been stalking you for eight months, and have been thinking of you each night. You may find it weird, but I've never ever experienced this kind of weird, abnormal feeling. At the moment, I don't know if I hate it or love it. I'm confused, and am completely in knots.

       Photo from Pinterest

     Photo from Pinterest

      I know that you find it extremely weird for me to be writing such a thing like this to someone whom I barely know. To someone I've met only in my dreams. To someone my open mind created for some lame reason. God, how stupid does that sound? Sigh. How is that freakin' possible, right? Well, just so you know, don't even know why either. I'm not your typical princess, although I may usually seem like it because of my girlyness. I don't fall easily. I want a reason for me to like someone. And what's weird is that you can't want somebody because of their actions, and you can't truly love someone by observations only. I won't fall for someone who gives me chocolates all day. I won't fall just because of your pricey gifts. I may, but the reason won't mainly be about the presents. Love is a weird, annoying, little thing which I avoid. But Love is felt. When you're about to fall, you listen to your instincts, and no matter how dumb your idea may be, you jump off the cliff, clinging to your own thoughts and knowledge. And the good news, my dear friend, is that there's nothing wrong with that. If you fell for who you thought was the most annoying person ever, then it's ok. It's alright to fall, even though you aren't sure of what you're to get into. I promise. Go. Be free, and be happy, and do what you think is right.

      Photo feom Pinterest

     It takes me a long amount of time to embrace my true feelings, and I'll be honest when I say that I myself am also dumbstruck about the fact that I like you so so much. I can't believe how stupid it sounds when you first hear it. But as far as I know, the world I live in has democracy, and there isn't any law about someone like me banned to have a crush on people I want. I'm staying in this imaginary world of mine, in the fairytales of you and me. Because it's the only thing that's keeping me going and alive. It makes me happy, even though I'm drowning in pain and sadness.

     Callaron, you are my first crush. Like, a crush that actually lasted for so long. Yeah, I might've laid eyes on some other people, but they never lasted long enough like you, or made me feel as if there was always something new to be excited about. You're so different. Is this love? Of course not. I know it isn't. Or is it? How can you love someone you've only met in your dreams? How can you love someone who doesn't know you? How can you love someone who you barely know? See, I told you I'm not a damsel in distress. 

     Time is passing, and I still feel as if I've first dreamt of you yesterday. I always think of you before going to sleep. I want to see you in my dreams again. I know it isn't right at all, but I'm completely happy in those dreams. I wanna see us playing League of Legends, or eating in a Chinese restaurant, or jumping over the clouds. Anything as long as you're in it.

     I want to know you so badly. Really. From my stalking skills, I've learned only a few things about you, which I'm taking note of because I want to see myself as twenty years old and still writing stuff like this and grinning like an idiot.
-You love music. I know you like twenty one pilots, and you love playing instruments. I reckon seeing you playing the guitar and the drums.
-You love your sister. I know you love your sister so so much. It's really obvious. Well, I guess that all siblings love their own siblings, but I admire you for being so understanding, even with her situation. I shouldn't be giving my thoughts or be interfering, but anyways, it's so nice to think that you're doing your best despite the conflicts. 😊
-You like violet? I'm not sure about this one, actually. I've just noticed that you always wear a violet hoodie in your pictures, and your Nikes are violet too. I'm considering buying a violet G-Shock now.
-You hate the president. Oh, yes, oh yes. You don't like the president of the country. We're on the same page. I mean, killings, rape jokes, and cursing President Obama? I'm worried about the Philippines like you.
-You always have something to say. I like this about you. So much 😊. You're always so updated on the current events of the country, and whenever I see you share news on your timeline, with long paragraphs, I just smile in amazement. (Trust me, just because I'm a writer doesn't mean I'll instantly have a crush on people who are like me. Call me crazy, but I get along well with people who are my complete opposites.) My classmates at school are seriously dunderheads (lolz), and I've never seen a single one of them care about the news or the country. In fact, I myself don't care very much. We're kids! Our opinions are rubbish and won't matter. But you leave me gasping in shock, lecturing all your friends on facebook about Martial law, or voting for Roxas-Robredo. It makes me want to be somewhat like you.
-You're geeky. Yasss. I've observed that, and you and C (yeah, you know who this is) like video games. You love League of Legends and Star Wars (WHICH OMG, I SO SUPER LOVE). You also like Pokemon Go (Like meesa).
-You're the typical. Yep. You're a little bit of a smarty for people our age, but you've got that blend of normality in you as well. I know you've got a dirty mind (And I confess that you cannot avoid that, since it's really going to be a part of our lives, especially in a generation wherein so many rape accidents are happening, and technology is at it's very best, that we don't fully know about the things we see in those screens. But kids our age REALLY don't know how to control their green heads, so I hope you aren't fully dirty, because I'll have to second think my thoughts (kidding). Everyone at school is also like this, so I won't be surprised by that). You're updated on the currents, also on the topic of people our age. All the popular pages (Ex.: Creepy side of tumblr, people of tumblr, pepeng pinakamalupit, etc) are liked on your facebook account. You're updated on sports (Cavs and GSW), etc, etc. Like the others, you also curse and cuss. You have a youtube account (where you posted a video of your field trip), Instagram, Facebook, and my favorite, Ask FM.
-I know your family. I know where your mom studied in college, I know the reason of why you're family isn't the happiest, and I know the situation your sister is going through with. I also know when your birthday is.
-You're popular. This is sad. Popular people can be mean, and I'm afraid. You've got lots of friends, and I think that you're quite a teacher's pet (I know your adviser is close with each of you in class).

       Photo from Pinterest

     I wonder what you'll think of this letter. I just wonder so very hard. What does a normal person usually feel after discovering that there's this person who's been crushing on them for so long, and discovers so many sugary stuff like this? Ugh. The thought kills me. Hundreds of thoughts kill me, which are all about you. Does he hate people who love Harry Potter? Is he nice? Does he like girls who have high grades? Does he have a crush? Does he like the color orange? Is he mean?

      Photo from Pinterest

     I know, deep inside, that there will never be an us, not even in the future. But you've made me feel so different, and I don't think I'll ever stop being your number one fan. I don't think I'll ever be able to feel how I feel about you towards other people. The combination of hate and desire I have for you is undescribable. I wish you all the luck with your music, life, family, and school. Your family problem isn't easy at all, I know, and I understand. Whenever you need me, just think of me in the night, and let me see you in my fantasies.

                     ~Kazinra as Athena

Ugh. Those fifteen minutes of writing were the worst. SUGAR COATED THINGS MAKE ME CRINGE, AND I HATE MY TRUE FEELINGS. This is the grossest thing I have ever written. Hate it.

P.S: You once knew me, Callaron. You were my bestfriend, many lifetimes ago. 

Monday, September 05, 2016

Dear World,

     Hello there. I am so extremely happy and thrilled. So very.
     Don't be a dummy. Of course I'm not.
     My depression these days is just killing me. I rarely ever see myself truly happy. I may smile a lot and laugh a lot, but if you'd open your eyes, you'll see a girl, dying piece by piece. You'd never think that I, the sunshine girl, the one who always laughs and smiles is actually the complete opposite.

     Sometimes, I feel so scared of being happy. It kills me already. Every time I try to be happy, every time I smile with my friends, or am so close to that filled bottle, something always happens, wether it be a scold, a new anxiety, or a complete joke. 

        Photo from Google Images

     Sometimes, I change. I change to see how people would act. Will they ask what's up? Will they give more attention? Even a simple "are you ok?"? And the results? No one noticed. At all. I'm always the piece of dust that no one cares about. I'm always the blame, the one who is always wrong, the one who will never be perfect, and will never be right for at least once in her life. Everything I ask for is always such a big thing. Please, universe, don't make my best friend ignore me. Nah, who cares, there are better people, ba bye to her. Please, universe, don't make my parents be so unfair. Ugh, but shouldn't you be defeated with karma? Like, you always do bad things. *actually gives a lot more pain than expected karma*. Mom, I'm sorry, I spilled some juice in my room. Ugh this is all your fault, I told you to eat downstairs, you always make me tired, you have no mercy! Don't you know how filled my glass is, how full of sadness it is? Hey Eliza, could you help me out with these? Oh, I think, probably later, Oh, well then maybe we could... Ooh Jessica, let's go to the mall!

      Photo from Google Images

      Photo from Google Images

         Photo from Google Images

       Photo from Google Images

     I mean come on, except for my dream to be a successful writer, I DO NOT ASK FOR JEWELS OR DIAMONDS OR GOLD. If you're imagining me now in tears, what I feel is way way way worse.

      From now on, I'm going to be stiff with this world. I'm not a little girl, wondering and having fun. I'm struggling, struggling to keep up with everything. My future, my friends, school, family, interests, people. When the world pushes you, you've got to be strong enough to fight back. Don't be that delicate princess, cry if you wanna cry, feel free. I'm sick and tired too, you know. But alas, even in the depths of despair, you've gotta keep fighting, no matter how heavy that burden on your back may be.

      With this horrible life at its worst, I just want to kill myself. But of course, I wouldn't and I couldn't, since that would only bring me to hell and that'd be a complete waste of pain. World, I don't think you'll remember me, a piece of dust, so have fun without me. Athena No One, signing out :)