Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Ever After High: Ashlynn's Diary

February 16, 2015

     Technically, me and my friends, Raven, Maddie, Cerise, Apple, Cedar, and Holly are very close with Sparrow. He can be silly and fun. But as I've said, he can be very annoying. Annoying as Headmaster Grimm. And unfair. With that, here's what happened.

     I was the only one seated in the classroom. Everyone was doing nothing but goof of as the clock ticked more and more. I was practically in a beehive! I swear! Daring (Eldest Son of King Charming), Dexter, (Son of King Charming) and Humphrey (Son of Humpty Dumpty) were running all around, as Sparrow, and Hunter (Son of the Huntsman) chased them. Raven was talking with Cedar and Cerise. Apple was talking to Lizzie (Daughter of the Queen of Hearts), Duchess (Daughter of the Swan Queen), and Melody Piper (Daughter of the Pied Piper). Briar (Daughter of the Sleeping Beauty), Holly, and Maddie sat in one corner and chatted. About five or six people stayed in their seats and took a nap. Curses! To pass some time, I started writing in my Ever After High diary aka the ultimate source for all things EAH. So I opened a page, and started scribbling some stuff about what happened today so far. (By the way, Raven and the others are now going nuts and running and screaming all around cause Sparrow and his Merry Men started picking on them) 

     12:30 passed. Then 1:00. It's 1:05 now. Good thing it's not midnight! I continued writing in the diary. 
"5. Castleteria
     -Supporting the dining needs of royals, the castleteria has fo -"

Before writing another letter, before stopping to close the notebook, before I could move a muscle, before another millisecond could pass, I looked up as my eyes flamed with rage. Just because Cinderella was meant for being saved, just because I'm a royal, doesn't mean I can't kick his face.


February 16, 2015, 1:06 pm

     At first, he ignored me. No. Wait, let me rephrase that. He did ignore me! I stood up and tried chasing right after him, but a Knock Knock was heard, and then everyone ran as fast as they could and pretended to be sleeping or reading. I went back to my seat and saved my anger up for later. I can be all girly, sensitive, and funny, but I can also punch someone's face really bad. Don't judge me by my cute shoes and green eyes. You've been warned. 

     Ms. Trollsworth came inside. Finally a teacher! "Bookball club members, get out and prepare for your departure." She talked lazily and had no such interest. She closed the door. Then she peeked again, and half showed her body. "And don't look like I didn't notice you earlier." Then she slammed the door and made a terrifying echo. 

     The bookball guys started to get ready for their camping trip which was almost half of the boys. Which meant Sparrow was leaving too. Well, lunch time was just around the corner, so maybe I could catch up with him. Then kill him. (Kidding!) 

    Okay, so the bell rang and we strated going out. I looked at Cerise, Holly, Cedar, Madeline, and Apple. Raven sobbed and hid her face on her table. "Come on Raven." "You can do it!" After a few minutes, Raven finally got up with her red teary eyed face. Her hair was messy and her violet and black highlights were as crazy as Wonderland. Cerise and me held her hands and she did her best to stand up. Because the bookball club had a camping trip, Sparrow had brought a tent with him. And for some reason, he hit Raven with it. I do have to say that Raven would normally fight back like me. But if she doesn't, something is just wrong. We went out and ate in the covered court. And then I finally saw Sparrow. But then I stopped. Because I'd totally be dead to pieces if I didn't. Robin Hood. the Robin Hood was right there! Saying goodbye to Sparrow! And so, the Bookball club rode their bus, and Robin Hood kept a good watch on his son. And then we never got revenge. But there were more important matters. "AWWW!!!" And then I rushed to Raven's side.

      Her leg was hurt. 
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