Tuesday, November 03, 2015

How Plants Grow

     Starting from a little seed, into a little plant, into a big wooden tree. Beginning from nothing, anything can become the best of the best. 

     Remember the time when you were crying because of a popped balloon? You just wanted the balloon to stay with you forever and never ever leave you alone! But now, you're crying over unfair deadlines. How could your boss be so mean and tell you to get that presentation ready before tomorrow, when you've just started! You miss the times when things were easier, and you felt carefree. You miss the past.

     Problems people face today are not as easy as waving a wand and saying the magic words. I'm sure that all of us would rather have our old simple childish problems rather than these impossible real world problems. But, have we thought that we get more perks when we get older? Sure, life can get rough, but now, you can finally drive a car! The dream you never stopped dreaming of as a kid! Now, you're finally in a classroom teaching the sweetest kids! You're a hero saving people's lives in a white lab gown! Tell me, that this isn't at least a little good.

     When life gives you lemons, make some lemonade. When life gets rough and harsh, look at the bright side. If you haven't been going through this hard life you're in right now, you wouldn't be that teacher, doctor, or lawyer you've always wanted to become. We all change, but we only become better. Inside, you've still got that little boy crying over a popped balloon, only little boy 2.O right now. 

     Becoming a big strong tree, prepared to face the gray thundering clouds ahead, you begin to tell yourself. "What's a seed to do if it won't become a tree?"
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