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The Boy Who Knew Everything

     There is a prophecy. It speaks of a girl who can fly and a boy who knows everything. The prophecy says that they have the power to bring about great change. . .

     The boy's name is Conrad Harrington IIIl. He has a best friend, also known as the girl who can fly, Piper McCloud. 

     For a seventh birthday party, Conrad stayed inside a room, being asked senseless questions by a ninny. "You build a house with four square walls each with only southern exposure. A bear shows up. What color is the bear?" the ninny, Dr. Hilda Hammish asked. "White" answered Conrad. And so, more and more questions followed with the correct answers coming out of Conrad's mouth. Until Conrad's dad came in. Senator Harrington. In the end, his dad carelessly let him go with Dr. Hammish.

     And for the following four years, after being away from his dad and escaping everyone from the control of Dr. Letitia Hellion (Another mad doctor) , Piper stepped in and saved the day by offering Conrad her home and family. The McClouds, consisting of Piper McCloud, Betty McCloud (Piper's mom), and Joe McCloud (Piper's dad) lived on a humble farm in remote lowland country and, like Piper, they were honest and good-hearted country folk. 

     Piper and Conrad collected all of their old friends like Kimber, Smitty, Jasper, and Violet, whom they saved from Dr. Hellion. Just like them, they also had powers. And they established a team, to save the world from harm and destruction. 

     But everything changes when Conrad and the McClouds hear word that Senator Harrington becomes president, and claims that his son, Conrad is dead. And then a helicopter lands in front of the McCloud farm. With the first lady inside. Who is Conrad's mom. She came there to tell him something. Conrad was their only hope. They desperately needed him. He was smart, and he might just do it. Because Conrad's baby sister, Aletha, was lost. 

     And because of this, Piper and Conrad go to the white house and start searching for Aletha. But matters become worse when they find her in a room inside a room above the fireplace. They save her, but that's when President Harrington enters Aletha's room, followed by a dark figure who shot the president with a gun. 

     J., a friend of Piper and Conrad, suddenly appears in the white house and bring them to a place his sister, Dr. Hellion told him was paradise for their kind. J. was older than Piper and Conrad, but he was also like them. He had the ability to turn invisible. He took Piper and the conscious Conrad to that "Paradise", only to be sent out once again by a girl named AnnA. With Aletha in the hands of the McClouds, J. goes back to the kids for help to get into this Paradise. 

     And if you didn't know, Paradise was amazing. There were different flowers of which Conrad didn't know of, with beautiful mountains and valleys all around. The people were called Xanthians, and all had abilities just like Conrad and Piper. This place was called as Xanthia. It was purely breathtaking. But it was as dangerous as much as it was beautiful.

     With an evil Xanthian lurking around the corner, secrets are slowly revealed, and it's up to the girl who could fly and the boy who knew everything to save the day.

     The boy who knew Everything is a companion to the New York Times bestseller, The Girl Who Could Fly. I do have to say that this story surprised me at every moment, but I should also say that the surprises could have been revealed better. There was one part where Piper and Conrad discover Starr, who was Conrad's grandma. Starr said that she had a son named Peter, which was the name of his dad. But she said that in the middle of the story, which didn't surprise me that much, and I figured it all out easily. Perhaps Forester could have revealed that at the end of the chapter. Something like "My son's name is Peter" as the end of a chapter, since I know there would be a bigger surprise feeling. I should also say that there were some holes in the story, like what happened to Dr. Hellion in the end (I should tell you that J. let her out and she was all mad). The story is also entitled "The Boy Who Knew Everything", but I'd better say that there are times where Conrad doesn't know something. So he's just extremely smart, he doesn't know Everything. But still, the story and choices of words are very outstanding! The details were perfect and vivid. Some of the greatest books should make you say something like "Started from there, and now we're here", which means you've got into something so far from where you were then. And The Boy who knew Everything was very much like that.

The Boy Who Knew Everything by Victoria Forester
Cover Illustration ©2015 by Iacopo Bruno
Cover Design by Rich Deas and Anna Booth
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RatingO  O  O  O  O
Suggested Age of Readers: 9+
Genre/s: Fantasy, Young Adult, Adventure, Fiction

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About the Author 
Victoria Forester
     Victoria grew up on a remote farm in Ontario, Canada. After graduating from the University of Toronto, her passion for storytelling led her to write and direct a short film for the CBC. When her next film was completed (The Pony’s Tale which aired on Global Television) she eagerly, and perhaps rashly, set off to Los Angeles.

     The famous independent film producer, Roger Corman, mentored Victoria and gave her the opportunity to write and direct her first feature film, Circuit Breaker for Showtime starring Richard Grieco and Corben Bernsen. 

     This was soon followed by Macon County Jail with David Carradine and Ally Sheedy, and Cry of the White Wolf for the Disney Channel. Next Victoria directed Teen Scorcery, a fun story about mischievous teenage witches that was shot in Romania

     The Girl Who Could Fly began as a screenplay that was optioned by Paramount Pictures. Victoria loved the story so much she decided to write it as a book as well. It is her very first book but she looks forward to the opportunity of writing many, many more.

     She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, newborn daughter and ridiculously orange cat, Rufus.

Victoria Forester
Photo from Google Images 
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