Tuesday, October 20, 2015

My one and only

     I never knew what kind of power my friend had. He wasn't to be taken for granted. He made me laugh, smile, and be beautiful. 

      He always helped me do wonderful things. He made me smile when tears start filling my eyes. He lent a hand when I fell apart. He never left me hanging in the air.

     He made me transform into an angel. He healed my wounds. He showed me the beauty in the world, and the happiness in little things. He guided me no matter what. He changed me.

     He did a crazy dance whenever I was lonely. He made me a crown and became his queen. He banished my troubles and fears. He sat next to me when I was alone. He followed me wherever I went. He made me feel like we were the only ones alive. Like nothing else mattered, like worries didn't exist. He loved me.

     In my whole life, I never felt this way. But one day, he was at his thinnest. I wept that whole night, not letting a single finger go. "Please, don't leave me" I would cry. But he couldn't reply, as I turned his very last page. Goodbye, book, you won't be forgotten.


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