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The Land of Stories: The Enchantress Returns By Chris Colfer.

The Land of Stories: The Enchantress Returns
By Chris Colfer

     Alex and Conner Bailey are here once again to save the fairytale world. The two are now thirteen, bigger and smarter. Some things in their life had changed. For one thing, their mom Charlotte now had a boyfriend. They met at the hospital where Charlotte worked. His name was Dr. Robert Gordon, whom they called as Dr. Bob. One night, Bob was about to propose to Charlotte. He waited with the twins in their house. The table was covered with silk and the house was all fancied. All that was being waited for was Charlotte. Though Alex and Conner were shocked, they still allowed him to marry her, just for the happiness of their mom. And so they agreed to help him. They waited for her. And waited. And waited. But she was late. And she never came. Then suddenly, a group of soldiers came in front of their house lead by Xanthous, a part of the happily ever after council in the fairytale world, followed by Cinderella's fairy godmother AKA Alex and Conner's grandma. Then, a storm of bad news comes out from their grandma's mouth. Their mother has been kidnapped. She said that she didn't know who kidnapped her. That was what she said. You'd expect how the twins felt. Worried. Devastated. 
     Who kidnapped their mother? The enchantress. Ezima. In other words, she's the witch who put a curse on Sleeping Beauty. Alex found out when Mother Goose (As you know, another character from the fairytale world) watched over the twins when their grandma and Xanthous left. There were guarding gnomes in their front yard. The fairytale world was at the darkest of times, and so was the real world. Nowhere was safe. During the following days, Conner and Mother Goose became much more closer. But one night, Mother Goose came home late, and Conner was asleep. She was drunk. Alex took this as an opportunity not to be wasted, and there, she finds out about Ezima, the enchantress. Alex rode her bike and pedaled as fast as she could. She was going to her Grandma's cottage near the mountains. 

     The following day, she woke up. She planned to take a nap for a moment, but that moment turned out to be more than she'd planned. She thought that she was almost there, seeing the bridge which was a sign that she was getting close. She fell down but luckily, Conner had saved her life just in the nick of time with Lester, Mother Goose's transportation and companion, and he's some kind of bird. The twins continue the journey to their Grandma's house and find a painting. A painting of the ugly duckling pond with a golden frame. Alex thought of each and everything in the land of stories. To the twins's amazement, the frame glowed and the painting was lost. But suddenly, a tidal wave of water came crashing in through the windows by the front door of their grandma's cottage. Then, they suddenly find theirselves in the fairytale world. Read the Land of Stories: The Enchantress Returns for more.

     Ever since I read the first book, I knew that this was an adventure not to be missed. Right now, I am currently in the fourth book, The Land of Stories: Beyond the Kingdoms. Each book has a touch of fantasy, adventure, humor, mysteries, fun, and love. Colfer has really done a very good job and makes a really scary villain kids will surely hate and be afraid of. I read the boom at home, and everything feels just so real, but in a second later, I realize that I'm still in my bedroom safe and sound. Away from danger, but far from fairies. To end this, I'd just like to quote what my mom has once said "The best stories have the scariest villains" 
Rating: O  O  O  O  O
Suggested Age of Readers: 8 years old and above
Genre: Fantasy, Adventure

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