Sunday, October 04, 2015

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Today was a very special day. Today was once again one of the days I'll remembering and treasuring forever. Me and my mom woke up early in the morning and got the party supplies she bought from the mall. We had ordered two pizza boxes from Pizza Hut, and a Cake from Conti's. We set up the green polka-dotted paper plates along with the purple, teal, pink, and yellow forks. Then, we put the orange and white paper cups along the table and put the blue candles. My mom woke up my dad, and as they went out, me and mommy started singing Happy Birthday to him. He looked awfully tired, but we were all happy to spend his birthday altogether. We started eating the pizza happily.

     We took a bath after that to go to church, but sadly, we didn't make it. We went to my Grandma's house to pick her up as we were going to celebrate Daddy's birthday and her birthday since she just had her birthday a few days ago. We gave my grandma a red shirt with white stripes from Mango. Then, the adventure in UP town, or as we sometimes call it, Uptown, finally began. First, we visited a small store in the entrance and Daddy went to the Comfort room. Then, we checked a nice store up ahead. It had the nicest notebooks in the world and it was a really great achievement, since it was surprisingly a local brand. We ate lunch at a Singaporean restaurant, and I ate Siomai. Then, me and my mom went to a small Magnum (Ice Cream) booth in the ground floor where hundreds of people were in line. It was a registration for a raffle to win an i phone 6 (and the winner would be texted later at 9pm), and the chance to become the first two hundred people to taste their newest product for free. Minutes later, my dad and grandma came and we made four entries. As our talked-about-contract said, if I won the new phone, it would be all mine. If either mommy or daddy won, I would still get the i phone 6 and let them have their old i phone 5s. And if my grandma won the raffle, I'd get her old i phone 5 and she would get the new i phone 6. We laughed along with each other like crazy while people just stared. After feeling like we'd actually win, we went to Cotton On to check their 50% off sale. And, I was totally amazed to find out that they also owned Typo - a nice little store with all sorts of stuff in it. Bags, headphones, notebooks of all kinds, stamps, water jugs, pens, and everything quirky! I strongly recommend you to visit it. We went back to the small store we went at earlier and my dad bought a few items. Then, my grandma bought me two notebooks from the nice store across the other store (Okay, I know it is quite confusing). At first, I didn't want to pick anything since they were all so expensive, but she forced me to choose two items anyway. And, I really love her for being kind. Here are the notebooks:

After that, we went to a small Belgian Waffle store nearby to have some snacks and rest. Meanwhile, I visited National Bookstore which was just across. My dad gave me five hundred pesos to buy anything I wanted (And I was really happy about that. Buy me something when it's his birthday. I have more than I deserve.) Then, I ended up buying The Land of Stories: Beyond the Kingdoms, which cost four hundred and ninety nine pesos, so I only got one peso left with me. (Just so you know, I did a book review about the first book of the series months ago. Check out my other blog posts to find it) 
 From left to right: Me, my grandma, my mom, and my dad. We were
at the notebook store in this pic
Then, we still continued our mall ratness when we checked out a few other stores like Herschel, Terranova, Artwork, and Quirks. You think we stopped there? NOPE! We went to the grocery and did some shopping. We were there for like forever! Then, we still went to Chef Tony's to buy some Caramel flavored popcorn. Call us mall rats if you want, it's so true! But everything was all worth it. As simple as it may all look, we thank the Lord for everything we receive and be contented with little things. Happy Birthday Daddy, I love you beyond words! 
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