Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Hogwarts to Narnia: Chapter 2-3

Chapter 2
Who are you?

     "C'mon Ed! Race you to the basement!" shouted Lucy. She had her hair fixed beautifully, and her face was full of beauty, kindness, and fun. Edmund ran all the way, not wanting to loose. Lucy ran faster than ever, as far as her little feet could let her. Back in the basement, Harry seized Ron and Hermione through the robes and hid behind the boxes. "Someone's coming", he whispered. "Wish we brought your invisibility cloak, eh?" replied Ron. The three wizards heard running footsteps and laughs of kids. For one thing, they knew that these people wouldn't be too dangerous, since they were just kids, they were only people like them. But you never knew what could happen. Edmund burst through the door with Lucy running behind him. "Good one Ed. But that doesn't mean I you're going to be a winner forever." Edmund rolled his eyes and chuckled along with his little sister while getting out. But Lucy accidentally tripped her foot on a big pile of boxes revealing three people in robes. A red haired kid, a girl with messy brown hair, and a kid with round eyeglasses and black hair. Before anything else could happen, Harry opened his mouth and said "We aren't enemies, we suddenly got here and we don't know how we did." "No need to explain yourselves, we all got here that way. C'mon, we'll show you around." Harry, Ron, and Hermione followed Edmund outside the door, stepping on some stairs, until the sunlight greeted them warmly. They saw a whole crew of a ship. There were people everywhere. They went near the steering-wheel where Susan and Edmund were talking. "Ed, who are these?", asked Peter. "Er, what were your names again?" the three lost wizards introduced themselves one by one. "What was your name? Hermyonie?", asked Lucy stroken with curiosity. "Never mind. You'll get it soon enough.", said Hermione. 

Chapter 3
The creature

     "Perhaps you're kings and queen of Narnia as well." said Peter. Ron looked at Harry and Hermione for a moment and said "Um, excuse us for a minute." Harry and Hermione looked at each other with worries, while Ron just grinned like nothing could possibly go wrong. "Harry, do you realize that these muggles are clueless of us wizards? If they believe we're royalty, they've got to help us get back to Hogwarts!" said Ron. "No, no, no! If we lie, that'll get us into bigger problems and bigger lies!" said Hermione. "Oh please. You're just being so negative." replied Ron. "Alright then. If you're so smart, tell me what we'll do when they catch us doing magic. We're in danger, and emergency, and the Ministry of Magic will surely allow this!" Ron looked at Hermione like she was going mad and stood closer next to Harry. "Harry, come on. Please, have mercy and deal with her." "Er, Ron, I think Hermione's right. If we lie to them, we might just get into bigger problems than where we already are in now." said Harry. Ron stared at them, but he had no choice - two surely wins against one.
     After the argument, Harry was the one who told Peter that they weren't at all royalty of Narnia. "Peter, we've got to tell you that we a -" Before he could finish, something jumped out of the ocean which made a lots of water join the crew in the ship. There was a creature, and it was as big as the Eiffel Tower, it had slimy skin and webbed feet, and it was green. It screamed horribly with its big lips. They were all dead for sure.

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