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The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Perilous Journey by Trenton Lee Stewart

     The four extremely smart kids are back for another deathdifying adventure! Say hello once again to twelve year olds Reynard Muldoon and Sticky Washington, thirteen year old Kate Wetherall, and three year old Constnce Cotraire! If you haven't heard about the first book, The Mysterious Benedict Society, then you'd probably be like "I'm sure I'm smarter than these children. Come on, a three year old? Are you kidding me?" Nope! You read me, they're smart, smarter than any boring inside-the-box-thinker adult. 

     Reynie, Sticky, and Kate were invited to Mr. Benedict's house for a surprise. Each of them with their families gathered at Kate's house. After what seemed like forever on that fine September morning, the children finally saw each other once again. What they have been through wasn't just any piece of an adventure, it was a mission. Even if they've only been friends for a year, you really couldn't blame them for missing each other. They were in their car, with big grins on their face, ready to go to Mr. Benedict's. And off they went. And then the worst thing that could happen happened at that exact same day. "CHILDREN YOU MUST NOT COME STOP DANGEROUS" It was sent by Rhonda Kazembe, an associate to Mr. Benedict. But the children had gone away. Moocho Brazos, Kate's old friend from the circus, and now her caretaker as well, was left at Kate's and he received the message. Because of this, Moocho came rushing to Mr. Benedict's. 

     The children arrived with a wonderful feeling inside each of their hearts. They were back where everything had all started. Nothing was going to stop them. Not until they find out what had happened. Rhonda let them in and stay with their friend, Constance, in her bedroom. And this was where the society started to hold meetings. I introduce to you, the Mysterious Benedict Society. The whole house was swarming with people. Why? Mr. Benedict and Number Two were kidnapped while they were trying to fix a scavenger hunt, which was going to be the surprise for the children. It feels like buying that Ice cream cone you've saved up for days only to find out that they didn't have that flavor anymore. Heartbreaking. Without anything to waste, the Mysterious Benedict Society started the scavenger hunt to save Mr. Benedict. They arrive at the "Shortcut", which was the ship they were to use for the scavenger hunt. They meet a guy named Joe "Cannonball" Shooter, otherwise known as Cannonball, one of the crew members of the ship. They also meet Captain Phil Noland, more recognized as Captain Noland. They tell Captain Noland about what happened to Mr. Benedict, and also find out how Captain Noland and Mr. Benedict became very good friends. To a castle far far away, a library where the clues are found, a subway once passed by, a hotel to where they rest their heads, and a big advantage they've brought with them all along, the adventure begins. But the only problem they're about to face is Mr. Curtain, and his so called Ten Men. Mr. Curtain is Mr. Benedict's twin brother who is his complete opposite. They may look alike outside, but you'll surely change your mind when you get to know him. The children find out that he kidnapped Mr. Benedict, and now its all up to them to save him. Children against evil. I wonder how they plan to save him, when Mr. Curtain has a new weapon called the "Salamander", as he lost his whisperer last year due to Mr. Benedict. 

     In my opinion, I think that the first book is better than this one. It had more surprises, and it just made you want to stare at the wall, full of amazement. I even expected even more surprises, even more in the third book, but I do have to say that the first book is so much better. On the other hand, Trenton Lee Stewart never left out the whole mystery in the story. Filled with puzzles that'll make you explode of curiosity, future detectives will not one to miss this. It'll just make you want to say "We were so close! Yet still so far!" This book is still extremely nice, so read it, if you've even got enough nerve. 

Rating: O  O  O  O  O
Suggested age of Readers: 9-12 years old
Genre: Young Adult Literature, Mystery
The Mysterious Benedict Society By Trenton Lee Stewart
Illustrated by Diana Sudyka 
*Book Review
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