Saturday, October 17, 2015

Charlotte's Web by E. B. White

     One day, in a house unlike yours, was a barn, where a pig was born. A father, John Arable, with an ax in his hand, went outside. Then his little daughter asked what he was about to do. Kill the pig, that was his point. This pig was different. He was tiny unlike the others, and he had no use at all. He was going to die, but the father's daughter didn't let him. She couldn't allow her dad to kill a pig just because he was different! What if she was unlike the others, would she be killed? Certainly not! And so, she let the tiny useless pig stay with her instead.

     Wrapped in blankets, put in baby doll strollers, and tummy pamperd with milk, the pig's life with the girl, Fern Arable was heaven. He was pampered like a little baby. Cute, pink, innocent, cuddly, and harmless.

     The pig's name was Wilbur. But everything has its end, no matter how happy things may seem. Fern's uncle, Homer Zuckerman, becomes Wilbur's new owner. Fern visits Wilbur each day after school, making sure to give him company. 

     One day, Wilbur becomes really bored while Fern isn't around. He tries to make friends with the animals in the barn, but none of them ever became friends. Wilbur felt like he was dying inside, dying of loneliness. How unfortunate the situation he was in. Weeping and going mad, a voice was suddenly heard. But the speaker was nowhere to be found. And that's when Wilbur suddenly has a friend spider named Charlotte. And his whole life becomes the dullest to the brightest. But will Charlotte take their friendship seriously? Does Wilbur really have the right to call Charlotte as his friend? 

     If you want to be free from tears, I suggest you to not read this book, especially in the last chapter. It will totally make you cry, no matter how much you fight it. I myself rarely ever cry because of books and movies, but if it's animals we're talking about, prepare your tissue papers. I really really really love this book. 

Rating: O  O  O  O  O
Genres: Classic, Animal Story, Children's literature
Charlotte's Web by E. B. White
Illustrated by Garth Williams 
Suggested Age of Readers: 8-12 years old

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