Friday, October 02, 2015

Inkheart By Cornelia Funke

     Ever since Meggie Folchart was a little kid, she had always lived with her father Mortimer Folchart. She called him Mo. Mo, and nothing else. Mo never talked about his wife. Whenever Meggie would ask about her, he would ignore her or change the topic. Meggie and Mo love books. That was one of the few things in common they had. Mo was someone who repaired damaged books - that was his job. They lived in a house, just the two of them. But all that is about to change when a man named Dustfinger appears in front of Meggie's house. With him, the adventure finally begins. Dustfinger calls mo as "Silvertounge", as Meggie overhears. During the next day, Meggie and Mo get away from home to visit one of Meggie's great aunts, Elinor, who has an even higher passion for books. They end up bringing Dustifinger, and Meggie discovers his pet marten named Gwin, and an enemy named Capricorn. Once they arrive at Elinor's place, the four become a gang and go to Capricorn's village to save Meggie's mom, whom she discovers was sucked into a book by her father, and in exchange, Capricorn and his men get out of a book (which includes Dustfinger), Inkheart. Up until now, Capricorn's men are still in search of Silvertounge to read them back into the story. But at Elinor's house, Mo becomes kidnapped by Capricorn's men. Some of his men are named Basta, Flatnose, and Cockerell. And with that, Dustfinger suddenly disappears. Elinor and Meggie go to Capricorn's village to rescue Mo, but things get worse and they become prisoners as well. As Mo is asked to read to test his powers, he accidentally reads out a boy a few years older than Meggie from the book "Treasure Island". They also find the writer of Inkheart, Fenoglio and ask him to help them find a copy of Inkheart to make Capricorn get sucked into the book. But sadly, he also becomes a prisoner. Meggie slowly discovers that she has powers just like her dad as well. She read out Tinker Bell while reading Peter Pan at Capricorn's village. Will each of the prisoners ever get out in one piece? Will Mo get to read out Meggie's mom out of Inkheart? But most importantly, will Capricorn ever be defeated? 

     Inkheart has touched my life as a writer at a young age. If you love reading books and writing, you will be able to relate in Fenoglio's part as an author and how we feel as readers whenever we're reading a book. We feel as if the whole world is in our hands and time is stopping for something as significant as this. 5 out of 5.

Inkheart by Cornelia Funke
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