Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Hogwarts to Narnia-Chapter 1

Chapter 1
The transportation

     "Harry, hasn't Snape finished this lesson?", said Ron who was pretending to be reading behind a book while Snape was brewing some potions. "I'm afraid not Ron. Looks like we're going to be spending much more time here than we expected." replied Harry. Hermione, on the other hand, was the only girl who held her head up high in amusement. With a quill on her hand, and some parchment beside her, she was unstoppable. The others were bowing their heads in boredom. Just when Snape turned his back to speak, Ron was amazed at what had happened. The whole room turned into a basement. A moving basement. There was a bit of light comming from a tiny window outside. Everyone was gone, not anything else to be seen. "Harry? You there?", called out Ron trying to stand up. Finally, something unusual, he thought. Harry came out from a pile of boxes with his messy hair and broken glasses. "Where are we?", said Harry.  "I dunno, but this is better than spending an hour with Snape", said Ron. He looked out of the window stepping on some boxes. His eyes grew ten times larger with a gasp. Ron's face explained everything. Harry looked out the window and saw a majestic view. There was a blue ocean with mermaids and fishes of every kind with rare birds flying around, and a large hill up ahead. The sun was shining brightly and the wind was so fresh and inviting. They were inside a ship. Harry suddenly jumped hearing a bossy voice from the back. "Ugh where are we? I was just about to brew that special potion." Of course this adventure wouldn't be complete without that clever little witch Hermione. The three didn't have a clue of where they were. Hogwarts wasn't in sight, and no other door or person was present in that tiny basement. Just a basement out of wood, a window, and some boxes.

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