Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Hogwarts to Narnia: Chapters 4-5

Chapter 4 
Meet the king

     "ARGHHHH!!!!!" Suddenly Peter, Edmund, hundreds of men, centaurs horses, unicorns, and the weirdest creatures imaginable were in gear, with swords all in their hands, the shiniest shields, and the best of armor. Harry's mind began bursting of curiosity. How did they change so fast? Could it possibly be that they HAD magic in them? Was Snape punishing them in potions? Or was this really an exercise they didn't know about? Whatever reason there was, he didn't want to die yet. Only Hermione and Ron were with hin now. All the others probably hid in the rooms, including Susan and Lucy. Harry, Ron, and Hermione of course couldn't do anything now. Using magic immediately might cause to death or danger. They ran to the closest wooden door and slammed it shut. The inside was a plain room with a few closets, a bed, and simple walls. "Finally, we're away from danger, all safe and sound" said Hermione taking a seat in the bed. Then suddenly, she felt sharp claws touching her back. Each strand of hair on her neck stood up and she screamed horribly. Ron and Harry had screamed too, and they all ran out. They went to another room next door and saw Lucy and Susan near the window, watching the battle. Tired from all the running and screaming, Harry, Ron, and Hermione thought they were finally away from harm. 

But then a small but wide figure appeared out of nowhere.

      "AHHHHH!!!!!" The three confused wizards hadn't moved a muscle. They all shrieked in horror as the lion went nearer toward them. "Lucy, Susan, do something!" cried Harry. Not even noticing anything in the room, Lucy and Susan turned around wth gasps. The sisters ran with big eyes . . . Lucy and Susan ran towards the lion! With open hands about to hug him! "Aslan!!!" the girls cried. "I knew you wouldn't leave us alone" said Lucy. The lion, Aslan, roared then replied, "Child, do you still not know me to even think I wouldn't be here?" Lucy smiled and hugged him even tighter.

Before any thing else, the lion ran out the door as Susan opened it and went out as she closed it again. 

     The lion went out, raised a paw, and the creature went back under the water, nowhere to be seen. Everybody, gasping for air, clapped their hands. Lucy and Susan came out after that, joining their brothers, then the three wizards. Before anyone could thank Aslan, he disappeared, like he had been one with the wind. "Well, that's Aslan." said Edmund. "No telling when he leaves" replied Peter "Or where he goes" said Susan "Or why he does it" said Lucy.

Chapter 5 
Going back

     After two days of staying in Narnia, with no such contact with Hogwarts, you'd probably mistake our wizards as three pure muggles. 
     "Guys, I think we should get out of here." said Harry while walking around the ship. 
     Hermione crossed her arms and said "It's been two days! Finally, you realized that we're practically a dimension away! You two are just so lucky I didn't burst your bubble and find a way to get back." 

     "Er, Edmund, I think we need you and your siblings' help to get back. It's been two days, and we have to get home." said Harry. 
"Are you guys sure? Narnia isn't really that bad, you'll learn to love it."
"No thank you."
"Well, if that's what you want, you'll need bigger help. Alsan."
"The lion?!" screamed Hermione. "No way! I'd rather stay here" said Ron. "Guys, we've got to. Wether we like it or not, we have to get home. I can't even bare thinking how many points'll be deducted from Gryffindor again." With that, the three wizards nodded as a change of plan was arranged. 
     "Let's see, South, west, east or north?" Peter had said. "Well, we ALWAYS see Aslan at -" "South it is!" 

     Days passed, and the slightest glance of land was nowhere to be seen. There was nothing to do but sleep and move around. After the Pevensies and the wizards passing time by playing another game of tag, the ship finally bumped on a big rock, with sand and trees up ahead. The air was fresh, and birds of all kinds were chirping all around. Everything looked so peaceful, graceful, and colorful. It was like nothing but happiness mattered.

As soon as everyone was down, a wooden house was seen far beyond some leaves and branches. Unexpectedly, Aslan came out of the door and greeted the crowd. "Well, that was easy" said Lucy. "Aslan you've got to help these guys get back to their world" said Susan. "Yes, I know. You know that it wouldn't be all too easy to find me if it weren't for nothing." Harry, Ron, and Hermione approached Aslan. "Sir, could you please help us get home?" said Harry. Aslan looked at Harry in the eyes as they were having a conversation without anyone else understanding them. Aslan pointed to the ocean. "Go straight through the biggest wave in the next minute." said Aslan. "Don't worry if you get caught up in an accident, I have given you the ability to breath underwater. You will also stay dry, but you will have to make your way to the nearest streetlight you see within five minutes. You will be back where you came from, the same time. That'll be your only chance. If not, you'll get trapped in the ocean forever." The threesome gulped. "Thank you, Alsan."

The three wizards went to the ocean forcing theirselves to be at their bravest. "Don't forget to say hi to Albus for me!" Aslan roared. Before Harry, Ron, or Hermione could reply or gasp, their feet became one with the water. Aslan knew Dumbledore. 

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