Friday, October 23, 2015

Foundation Week Celebration 2015

     The school's open area had Anchors away with children screaming and smiling. It was also filled with giant inflatables with children, tickets in their hands. The whole open area had hundreds of stands and tents! Almost anything you could possibly want. There were lots of booths making something like a mini arcade. And, the covered court had a big banner right in the stage. This week, has been one of the best times of the year at school. This week, has been the school's foundation week celebration! 

     It all really started on October 20, 2015, on 1:00 pm. After a day of practicing for our performance, while playing duck duck goose inside the classroom, a sparkle in my eyes appeared when I found out that the rides and booths had opened. Me and my friend Emma immediately went outside with our pre bought tickets and rushed to the booths. We shooted some hoops and earned some tickets, which could be converted for a prize. We went all around the school, like we were in a different dimension. And, I even bought myself a three hundred peso time turner! (There were loads of Harry Potter stuff there!)

     But sadly, I have to say that this was the WORST foundation week. Why??? Teachers. Teachers. Teachers!!! While seeing the other levels at school go outside and try out the rides the following day, OUR teachers punished us for being noisy during our practice time. (I forgot to tell you that every year, each level should present a performance on the department's foundation day) And that was so unfair! It's as if the other levels weren't noisy as us. It was foundation week! And that rarely happened! I cannot believe them for being!!! And there I was in the classroom, staring at the flying ship outside. 

     October 23, 2015. Today was the big day. Three levels. One championship. Despite all the fun and rides, we all hope that our practices weren't put to waste. The theme for this year's foundation day performance was Broadway musicals, and we had a big chance of losing because our teachers chose Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. And you will not believe what we were up against. The Wizard of Oz. And Singing in the Rain. I know. We WILL lose. 

     October 23, 2015. 5:30 PM. We just came home! Me and my friends tried out more of the booths and rides, and my dad, who watched our performance, ran into a chat with his friend who is a dad of my schoolmate. Oh, who won you ask? You wouldn't believe it. WE WON!!! It was unbelievable. And I'm not sarcastic. But, because we won, we get a plus eight in our periodic exams, plus five in our mastery exams, and a perfect performance test. All of us couldn't believe it either. But, we did our best. But I'm still wondering. Did we really win? Or maybe it was all just a big cheat because the principal's granddaughter is our batchmate? 
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