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May Bird and the Ever After by Jodi Lynn Anderson

     Ten year old May Bird is a lot of things, but a popular girl at school, is certainly not one of them. She doesn't have a single friend on her list, except for her ugly furless cat, Somber Kitty. At home, she is safe from all evil.

     But one day as she accidentally falls into the lake, she has no idea that she may not ever come back.

     When May gets out of the river, she finds a world that no living thing has ever seen. Was she dead? Because the place she was in right now, had all sorts of ghosts! 

     She makes a new friend named Pumpkin, a skeleton with a pumpkin as its head. And to her surprise, Pumpkin has always been watching over May all thees years inside her room, never seen. She meets ghosts, and the most horrible thing ever. To go back to the beloved place called home, May must retrieve the Edifice, the book of the dead. And, defeat Bo Cleevil, the most evil ghost. Inside of the Edifice, answers to everything in the universe is revealed. When you'll die, when you were born, and how you'll die.

     Along the journey, May and Somber Kitty have a few er, ghosts, coming along with them. Pumpkin, of course is with them. Beatrice, a girl like a princess, perhaps a year older than May, who becomes one of her friends. Fabio, an adult pilot. And John the Jibber, a well known leader to survive a lot of journeys, but can mostly be too confident.

     Will May Bird ever reach the book, protected by Bo Cleevil? Or better yet, will May ever survive a day in a world full of ghosts? 

      Halloween is just around the corner, so read this at your own risk. If you're into extreme horror stories, I'll tell you that this book won't be the best fit. I should say that I'm a big coward, and my greatest fear is the dark. But I'm also adventurous, and this book is in between the action of making you want to scream, and making you want to flip the page for more. I guess that the scare rate would be a two out out of five. With a lot of ups and downs, you'll be having a one of a kind moment in your life. 

RatingO  O  O  O  O
Suggested Age of Readers: 10-14 years old
May Bird and the Ever After by Jodi Lynn Anderson
Cover designed by Debra Sfetsios
Cover illustration copyright by Jonathan Wayshak 
Genres: Young adult fantasy, Action, Children's Literature
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About the Author
Jodi Lynn Anderson
     I write books about vaguely magical peach orchards, resorts in the afterlife, enigmatic island princesses beloved by Tinkerbell, and...civics! I was an awkward and strange child who kept lots of secrets. Now I live with a sweet Basenji dog named Peanut who loves to eat shoes, and a sweet husband who is good at all the things I'm bad at, like being organized and thinking things through. I've loved writing and reading about mythical and strange things since I can remember.
Jodi Lynn Anderson
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