Thursday, October 15, 2015

"Why stop dreaming when you wake up?"

     Have you ever dreamt of having a palace out of clouds? A school made of candy? A carrige as a bed? A unicorn as a car? Or fairies as your best friends? And do you want these things to just become real? If so, I congratulate you for coming to the right place.

     If there's one thing a lot of us love, it's making the impossible possible. But we only think that things ARE impossible. We fed our heads the fact that sometimes things are impossible, because of our experiences. So, why stop dreaming when you wake up? Why let your imagination be the limit, when there's a possibility of your very eyes seeing those beautiful impossible-like dreams? Why? 

     Now, as you've finished reading, you're probably like "Yeah! Why not?" We CAN achieve the impossible! There isn't any dream too big! Go to the basics and do your very best! Wether flying on your own or being the best student in class, dreams don't always have to be dreams. They can always become reality.

     Quote by Neil Gaiman
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