Monday, October 26, 2015

Hogwarts is here

     Have you ever dreamt of studying at Hogwarts? Sure, there are Harry Potter books. There are Harry Potter movies. And there's already a Wizarding World. But do you want to make a feather levitate? Do you want to make a pineapple tap-dance? Do you want to open a door with a flick of a wand? Well, you don't have to travel to the end of the world for that, because I introduce you to Hogwarts is here!

     Just so you know, "Hogwarts is here" is an online fan made website where you can study everything Harry, Ron, and Hermione learned! What I mean, is that you'll be going through everything like a Hogwarts student. Cool, huh? But that means you'll have some homework and you'll have to study lessons. And don't worry if you miss muggle school! There isn't any deadline for the Hogwarts homework, but make sure you do it if you want to get high grades and have house points! You also get to choose your own house, you're free to chat with your friends in the common room, you'll collect chocolate frog cards, you'll have your own Gringotts vault, and you'll be free to read anything you find in the library! And here's even better news. It's all for free. Everything. You're welcome.

     Er, I forgot to tell you, that you'll also need a few stuff before you get accepted. But not to worry, these things aren't really hard. *forces a laugh* Okay, here's a list of what you'll be needing.

1. An email account
2. Your full name
3.  A password 
And, you'll have to be 13 years old and above since a lot of series discussion and academic content is targeted for an older audience.

     I should also tell you that at times, the speed of the website can be really really slow. I guess it's because lots of wizards and witches like you are using the site as well. But, you'll really enjoy it if your a hardcore true blue Potterhead or Harry Potter fan.
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