Tuesday, October 13, 2015

An Unseen Enemy

     My brain almost peed of nervousness when I was alone in that dark and silent room. Nothing hit me at all - not a word, not a sound, not a song. I've always wrote something on a paper. I knew I could do it. I knew I could... I knew I...

     Words have always been my purpose in life. If not, perhaps it would be books. I've written lots of things, for hundreds of times. But this was the first time in a million thousand bazillion hundred crazy years. I had that thing where you couldn't write anything on a single paper! But my bones were perfectly alive. Inspiration was no where to be found! I felt like I needed to be electrocuted. What did you call that thing? Blocking write? Or is is it Write the block? Ah, I know, it's Block and write! Wait, no that isn't right. Writer's block it is!!!

     I couldn't believe it when that white lifeless paper continued blinking at me with nothing. "Do something!" he would say. But what could I do? I wasn't a witch to make a word appear on that paper. I've written about school, my life, short stories, poems... And then my eyes became as big as a wheel and my head had a light bulb above it. 

     Do any of you get that feeling? Please do tell me that I'm not alone. Yes? Well what a relief! Been there, done that, you could say. Writer's block leaves a really huge impact on us, but you won't want to be friends with it.

     It's a big obstacle course that won't let you write anything. It will make you scream, shout, and have a bad mood. And, if not treated, it will absolutely kill everything in you. Every piece of the writer in you.

     Scared, huh? Good news is you don't need a million dollars to say ba bye to it! To get rid of writer's block, be fun!!! Watch movies, read a book, eat sweets, listen to music, go on a trip, stay with your friends (real friends alright, not books, but that's ok too), play with your pets, go to the mall, draw, paint, watch people, eavesdrop, and do anything and everything! Your friend named inspiration can be found anywhere. He will always be willing to cure writer's block and it'll always be for free. In no time, you'll be going to the mall to buy more papers and pens.

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