Monday, October 12, 2015


     From spells, aerial sports, witches and wizards of the best, one of a kind creatures, and the weirdest banks, I present to you, twenty five  signs that you're a true blue Potterhead. Before this crazy bucket list, I would like to say that it doesn't matter who was here first. What matters is who was here until the very end. Being a hundred percent potterhead doesn't mean you know everything about Harry Potter, even the not so important details like which potion was next to that potion. Adoring the magic of Rowling is well appreciated.

1. You always think about anything Harry Potter. At least once a day (OR MORE!)
2. You always read Harry Potter again and again.
3. You always watch Harry Potter movies without even hesitating.
4. You always dream of going to the Wizarding World.
5. You totally freaked out when you heard there was a Wizarding World in Universal Studios.
6. Almost any object Harry Potter or related to it is like gold to you.
7. You've road a broom at least once in your life and pretended to play quidditch.
8. You hate Harry Potter haters.
9. You love J.K Rowling.
10. You would do almost anything to be a pureblood.
11. You have a hogwarts is here account.
12. You have a Pottermore account.
13. You adore J.K Rowling.
14. You stare at a cat on the streets and wait for it to turn into McGonagall.
15. You just hate the boringness of muggles.
16. You be more careful of rats.
17. You say Mischief Managed whenever you have a map.
18. You want an owl.
19. You want a house elf.
20. You LOVE butterbeer.
21. You end a fight by saying Avada Kedavra.
22. You've always expected a letter from an owl on your 11th birthday.
23. You sometimes wish you had a lightning scar.
24. You wish you could drop muggle school or work and get a wizard life.
25. You know you're a Potterhead in your heart without any hesitation and love Harry Potter beyond words. 

Congratulations! You are now a hundred percent true blue Potterhead.
Potterhead Certificate, free for you.
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