Friday, October 09, 2015

Field Trip 2015

     We went through villages of before, a palace of the old, a sea where we magically transformed into mermaids, and a place where we see the opposite of ourselves. Today, another memory was formed.

     Darkness was still alive, with only the lady guard around.  Was finally freed from prison, no work, no recitations, no activities. Butterflies invaded my tummy while the cold air passed by my soul. At exactly 5:00 in the morning, with our phones advanced to 15 minutes, me and my dad were already at school, waiting for anyone else to arrive.

Holly, Fred, and me
     After what felt like a century, some of my other schoolmates finally came, with me one of the earliest, or should I say THE earliest. I went down, kissed my dad goodbye, and walked with tingling legs. I tapped my RFID on the machine as my face appeared, and continued my journey. Walking towards the covered court, I saw two of my boy classmates, who were both annoying. They walked passed me without a word. I walked towards the dark covered court with only a girl from another section, a fourth grade student, and one of my other schoolmates. I put my bag down on the bleachers, then suddenly, a lightning like sound was heard, then beautiful yellow lights helped the warmth of the moon. My excitement jumped like it was on a trampoline. I got my pink phone and texted my mom who was at home, informing her that I already arrived. Then I sat awkwardly, trying to look relaxed and cool. With cold hands and the happiest voice, two hands touched me on the shoulder coming with a "Hi!!!" I jumped then turned my head around. "Hi!!!" I said, trying not to look very surprised. It was one of my a little bit close friends, Pepper. She sat next to me. With the flashbacking memory of the field trip last year, I dared ourselves to go ghost hunting around the school like last year with Anna. We went to the art room of the school, near the gardens closest to the church next door. No matter how much my eyes widened, the pitch black right in front of us never went away. Then, too afraid to continue, we ran away, hoping we were still alive. Me and Pepper went to the Lower School department continuing our ghost hunting now with Anna (Yay!), Chris, and William. Me and Anna were the first ones who approached the lower school comfort rooms. We called for the others, and our eyes couldn't believe what we were seeing. In the darkness, the light suddenly flickered, then a cat appeared on our left. We all screamed and ran away. After a few minutes of unserious arguing, we returned and ignored the flickering lights and the cat. Sadly, more darkness greeted us upstairs, but we managed to stay alive despite the maze-like feeling. 

     After a few minutes of ghost hunting, the teachers finally arrived and each section started forming class lines. Here are some of the first pictures: 

     Then, the adventure finally began. Like we were going on a trip in our favorite rocket ship, we finally arrived at the buses with all our excitement and joy bubbling up all around. Me and Emma (one of me and Holly's friends) sat next to each other on the sixth row, Fred and Holly on our front left and Dina and Pepper  behind us. 

     Our tour guide was Kuya Ramon, and later on some of my classmates shouted "Kuya Ramon, saklololo!" which meant help, and "Kuya Ramon I love you, buksan mo TV at may aldub!!!" and that meant turn on the TV, there's Aldub.

     With mind blowing illusions, snowy houses, and giant creatures, this first destination made our hearts go Wow. Art in Island located in Cubao. It was really nice there, but if you're alone, you won't really enjoy it. It was nice, but fun wouldn't be the right word. Here are some of the pictures:
     After two straight hours of posing in art illusions, we finally rode the bus going to the old spaniard villages at Intramuros, Casa Manila in one hour. To break the boredom, Kuya Roman played some number games with us, and I started laughing along with my classmates in the back by taking their pictures on some uglifier effects app. Here was how they looked like:
Denise, Job, and me
     We only spent an hour at the Casa Manila museum, just staring at the old pieces of furniture. Here is one picture:
     We also went to the gift shop, and bought a few stuff.

     Last but not the least, we headed to where we saw the opposite of ourselves, Asosacion de Damas Filipinas, an orphange in Quezon City. The cute children had tons of dance numbers, and I really really felt lucky. At first, I thought the orphanage was the worst destination, but visiting those children meant the world to them just by seeing their smiles, and I knew I could have at least been happy.

     It was quite early, but we arrived at school by 4:30, which was totally unfair since the estimated time of arrival was 6:00, which meant the teachers didn't give us enough time in the destinations! Anyway, today was fun, and I won't forget to thank the Lord for safety on the road and happiness at its best.

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