Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Not really an enemy

     There was once a girl, Tara, who had never understood the true meaning of happiness. She never had a single friend. She always hid in the shadows. She would cry herself to sleep. And then wonder why a little unwanted, ugly, and annoying piece of dirt, like her, became a part of the world. 

     One thing Tara is going through right now was the worst. She's practically an insect fighting a humongous beast. Try your best to be nice and say hello to the humongous yet unseen beast she's fighting, Sadness.

     Different people have weird definitions of what this so called Sadness means. "The complete opposite of happiness" "A feeling terribly hard to get rid of." "Something like chewing gum stuck to your shoe - you can't make it go away easily" "Falling into a bottomless pit with darkness without another soul next you" 

     No one in the world loves sadness. It's the cause of everything negtive! 

     Another girl, a little bit older than Tara, obviously never had a sad experience. She was the opposite of her. Always optimistic and friendly. But little did anyone know that these two girls were so much related. They weren't sisters though. They also weren't mom and daughter. They weren't cousins, nor friends. But they were one. 

      And they were me.

     Two years ago, I was practically nothing. And now, I'm not. I have more happiness in me than anything else, and sadness isn't going to trap me again. I'm done with the past.

     There was a girl, happiest of everyone. She had friends, a wonderful family, and the best life anyone could ever ask for. She had been through the worst pain. She knew the feeling of being invisible, and having nothing. This life, was never sad. She'd say. Because happiness will never happen without failures, mistakes, and embarrasment. Happiness would not be alive without sadness. I have dark and light inside of me, but what matters is what I choose. That is who I truly am.
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