Wednesday, September 02, 2015

"Don't Grow Up, It's A Trap"

      Can anyone guess who said that? Don't grow up, it's a trap. Obviously, it's Peter Pan. The one and only guy who lives in Neverland, the one who guy who had a fairy as a friend, and the one guy who never grew up. Once I heard this quote a year ago, I could so relate. Grown ups can be extremely boring and the best example for this could be my annoying but lovable uncle who is more boring than a 10,000 year old human. 

      If you think that the "It's a Trap" part is something like a hyperbole, an exaggerated statement, you're absolutely wrong. Literally, growing up IS a trap. When you grow up, you're actually purchasing a ticket to a boring life, which becomes the trap. It doesn't technically mean that you should stop being tall, or stop letting your parents buy you toys. It means that we should never stop having an imaginative mind, thinking out of the box, being fun & exciting, and smiling, which are the qualities of a child. I have noticed that nowadays, children like my classmates are so excited to grow up. They feel like they're adults, and sometimes even worse. Life is a 1 second roller coaster ride, and I think that we shouldn't even waste a single moment of it. Without a doubt, people who were so excited to grow up, will regret the fact of growing up and falling for the trap.

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