Thursday, September 24, 2015

Shocked Yet Proud

    Today, I had Journalism training at school even if our report cards were going to be claimed. We were practicing for the upcoming divisions (In the Language I understand, that means a contest against other schools.) since I was one of the representatives of our school. 

     Since not much was happening earlier at training, I asked my mom to make my dad pick me up and get my report card even if our didmissal was at 4.  Sitting at a table waiting for 2:00 to come, my phone suddenly had two missed calls from my dad. I immediately went to the waiting area of the school after passing by the variety store to check on a couple of stuff. I saw one of my new a-little-bit-close friends, Ally, waved and smiled. I sat with her while waiting for my dad. My dad suddenly called, and he said that he could already see me from afar. I turned my head to the right and saw him in that teal penguin shirt walking towards me with a phone in his hand. The last thing I told him on the phone was "Daddy mababa grades ko ha", and in English, that means "Daddy my grades are low". I greeted my dad with a smile as we walked towards the classroom.  We knocked and went inside the door. A slideshow showing our class pictures were being flashed on the board, and the temperature of the room was cool. It felt so inviting. I saw my teacher, Ms. Bay on her table in the right front of the room talking to a mom. As they finished when we came in, my dad and teacher talked a bit, then I found out that I was actually part of the top ten smartest students in class!!! I could not believe it. I don't think that I did my best, but I still managed to be part of the list. And with the new K-12 grading system, I'm sure that this year was definitely a struggle not just for me, but for each and every student. I looked at our class whiteboard, where the list was written on the board:

I don't think that my grades are high, but here's my report card anyway:

The happiness that I felt earlier was indescribable. I was even expecting a line of seven in Math, but Ms. Al was really kind to make me have a score in the line of eight. Me and my dad ended the day going to our favorite mall, being the mall rats we really are, and going to the vet to let our German Shepard have his shot.

Written On: September 24, 2015

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