Monday, September 07, 2015

The Writer And His Pen

     A writer and a pen are the two best things needed to create a something unforgettable, life changing, and magical. They work together as a team, and without one of them, nothing will happen. They are extremely hard to separate, and believe me, you would need something really effective to beat the magic a writer and his pen could make. 

     A writer can make things you'd never imagine come to life. Chocolate waterfalls, a school especially made for wizards, a camp for demigods, you name it. The writer will always be behind the magic. And the pen, the writer's trusty sidekick, will never leave the company of the writer. The pen helps the writer share his ideas with the world, and the pen will always be the reason of someone becoming a writer. Without pens, how would there be any writers? How would those magical ideas be put on paper? And without the writers, what use would the pen be? Its life would have no meaning. The pen would just be a plain old object. Still, dead, and boring. Without each other, a place in the world for these two would be a major problem. Think of a world without words. A world without books. A world without newspapers. A world without writers. And a world without pens. Imagination and creativity would mean absolutely nothing. Value these two things, for they carry much more value than you could ever think.
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