Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Story Of My Life

     Once upon a time, in a city far far away, lived a girl named Athena Cat. She was born on March 14, 1999 in the Philippines in a hospital near her house. Her parents, Cindy and Ryan Cat were the best people in the world. They were incomparable. They were perfectly imperfect. Athena, according to her parents, never threw stuff whenever a tantrum occurred unlike some babies. At an early age of two, Athena could speak in english with correct grammar. She thinks that it was only because her mom was good in english as well, and she had just inherited it. Her very first school as a toddler was at Creative Minds, where her mom also worked. It was fun having a mom as a teacher at school for Athena, and it also became easier for her to adjust since she wasn't a very confident girl (Alright, I'll admit it, I the shy type gal. 😳). After two years of studying at Creative Minds, Athena was about four or three years old, and transferred to Learning Center 101. There, her confidence slowly disappears and later on becomes much more worse. And after studying at Learning Center 101 for two years as well, five year old Athena finally goes to a big school where she is still studying until now. At this school, Athena finally discovers what friendship truly means, what effort takes, and what it feels like to be more independent. And after her whole life of living in her old home, July comes and their house is finally bought. It has always been a family dream to sell their house and move to a new one. Her and her family moves to Jennifer Hilles where they rent a house as their proposed house is being built. During Grade 4, the time wherein she lived in Jennifer Hills, she had the worst school year of her life. But, it became an advantage to her as a writer. She never had friends back then except for books, which is also one of the reasons of why she is now a good writer at her age compared to other kids. During Grade 5, Athena had the best school year of all time. Without a doubt, she knew that God definitely answered her prayers. She had great friends, and had higher grades. After two years of waiting in Jennifer Hills, Athena finally moves to a new and better subdivision with her family. To be more specific than saying her parents, and her nanny she treated as a mom because of never leaving her since she was a baby, she also lives with her pet Pomeranian she got in 2010, her two askals (the other askals were given to her grandma) and her new Rottweiler she got this year. Surely, Athena hasn't experienced the real world, and knows that a destiny set in stone is just waiting for her. Everyday, it feels like the end of something new, but for her, the end is just the beginning.

*I know. It's too technical and dull. This article isn't really written creatively. 
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