Sunday, September 20, 2015

Flip A Coin

     Two days ago, we had our Enrichment Program at School. The program was entitled "Flip A Coin, are you making the right devisions?" which was sponored by the Guidance Department. We held it at our humongous School Auditorium, and I just wanted to share everything we learned there. 

      Me and my classmates went to passed through millions of rows of seats until we finally sat down in the left part of the auditorium. It was quite hot in there, and everyone was making their chairs jingle. The program started with the welcoming and explaining by our batchmates from the cream section (duh). Then we had the opening prayer lead by Our Principal's granddaughter, who is also our batch mate. Then, our principal gave us a brief discussion of how to make good decisions. And here were her tips:
1. Identify your options. 
2. Choose what you think is best for you
3. Think of others
4. Think of the future
5. Make a choice
     Once she was done, she finally gave the stage to Mr. Geliogo, a short man wearing something like a formal tuxedo. According to him, he was  the speaker for the program. He posted two ice breakers on the stage as each student made his/her brain act up. At first, I thought I got the answer correctly, but I was as too over confident. The first one was written like this:

Can you find the the mistake?
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 

 I thought the mistake was the colors, since they weren't in proper color arrangement. Then later on, I just realized how blind I was. Two "the(s)". Anyway,  the second ice breaker was really a bit harder. You had to say the color of the words, and not read the words out loud. Get it? It looked similar to  this:

GREEN             YELLOW           RED          BLUE         ORANGE

Mr. Geliogo said that your right brain starts to say the colors, but your left brain argues, and keeps on reading the words. 

     After the two ice breakers, he started discussing the different kinds of decision makers, how to make a good decision, blah blah blah, blah blah blah. I forgot about his other tips, but I found the exact same thing (pictures and tips) in this website: From a scale of 1-5, I'd give Mr. Geliogo a 3. The flow of the program wasn't nice. There were a lot of times where I gelt like taking a sleep. Nd he didn't even ask us any questions. And when he speaks, sometimes his grammar becomes wrong. I can also suggest that in his presentation, he should have added more real life situations, since I think that I would have understood it better. Now I ask all of you. How do you make a decision? Think about it. Maybe you just flip a coin.
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