Saturday, September 26, 2015

Curiosity Answered

Ever since I was a kid, wonder was always present
I asked everyone everything
But an answer to me was always absent
The answers weren't as I expected
But I don't blame them - my curiosity would not be lessened

Why oh why do butterflies fly?
Why can they have wings and almost reach the sky?
That's really unfair, letting them fly all day with us only watching
Tara, they're insects. What if it rains? Where will they go?
I considered this, and realized I had a home
Free from rain, danger, heat, and snow

Why oh why mum, are plants alive? 
I don't see them move, talk, or even strive.
Teacher says not to kill them, but they don't feel hurt
Oh dear oh dear. They provide us our life.
What if you were killed, and couldn't defend yourself?
I then knew I had parents who defended me from every pice of evil

Mum, why can't it be morining everyday?
I hate the night
The dark skies who end the fun
I feel like night is danger and I've got to run
But how will people rest, my child? 
I realized that night was a blanket
Who gave me protection and warmness

I don't get it mum.
How people say they're true, when you don't really see it.
Oh my dear Tara. You've got lots to learn
Why do I love you?
Mum, I just know you do.

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