Wednesday, September 09, 2015

The Watchalculator!

     Earlier today, me and my friends Emma and Holly went to the variety store at school since Emma heard about a cool watch that had lots of buttons. It was being worn by a lot of people at school - even the sellers at the stores. What is so interesting about this simple watch? Isn't it just like any other watch? The answer's NO. Why? It's a chance to having a perfect quiz in Math. If you're careful enough.

     At first, we thought that the watch just had a lot of buttons since it was the design. I didn't want to buy one, since Php 35 was quite expensive. But one Phoenella got her hands on it, she told me that it was also a calculator - disguised as a watch!!! Now that I knew it was a calculator, it meant a lot. Think about the teacher taking a pee. A math test in front of you, and a teeny tiny calculator disguised as a watch right beside you. Tempting isn't it? (But of course I'd be too kind to try that). The fact is, having a calculator and a watch in one is a great bargain for Php 35. Plus, the design's really nice!

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