Tuesday, September 29, 2015

When Rich Becomes Poor

     One day at a fancy mansion, lived a ten year old boy and his father. The father's wife had died due to breast cancer nine years ago. The boy asked his gloomy father once while swimming in their pool. "Father, why does death happen?" His father stared with a scary face and went inside the house without a word. The little boy got used to him. Well, that was life. He'd never really known his mother after all. He didn't know what she looked like. Never heard how she laughed. Never felt her loving embrace. He was just a boy living in a nice house. It may be hard to face, but in reality, there are people like that.

     Twenty years passed, and the boy was still in the mansion, with his barely-there father, and his ten year old child. His wife had died as well. "Father, let's go out and explore the village!", said the child. The little boy who was now his father was a very good one, despite how he had been raised. They rode the carriage, father and son. The were passing by the roads of poor people when the father finally said, "Son, do you realize how much poor we are?". "Father, we're the richest in town, how could that happen? We have more food than we desire, we have more money than we need, and we have the largest house in the universe.". The father was dumbfounded. "Son, we have walls when they have friends. We have a house when they have happiness. We have each other when the other children have a mother and a father." The child considered this and said "Father, I don't care how poor we may be. I may not have a mother or anything else, but I have the whole world with me. You." 

*Short Story
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