Thursday, September 10, 2015


     Just earlier at class, our Filipino teacher made us watch a video about the new curriculum here in the Philippines, K-12. She also asked us to write an essay about our reactions and opinion regarding K-12. Then I thought, why not write another article about K-12 but make it longer and written in English? That is exactly what I'm doing now, and to be honest, I like the K-12 curriculum. 

     Once I heard the what K-12 was, especially the part where high school will be adding more levels and there's a possibility of me graduating in 7th or 8th grade, not in 6th grade, I immediately liked it. I really really really hate growing up, and now I have a longer childhood thanks to K-12. On the contrary, K-12 has a lot of advantages as well, not just having the fact that it offers a longer childhood. It will also make students study harder because of the new grading system, where 60% of most of the activities in school will be considered the passing grade, and not 50%. It will also make kids more ready for college. And it will also make the Philippines become a better country because of more and more educated students. It may result to having more educated Filipinos. On the other hand, K-12 also has a lot of disadvantages. A lot of people living in the Philippines are poor, which becomes one of the reasons of why a lot of Filipinos are against K-12. Parents cannot afford the daily needs of their children for school, and what more if additional two years would be added. Another disadvantage would be the crowding of schools. I know well that most of the schools here in the Philippines have just the right amount of space for classrooms, and if new levels would be added, schools will definitely need more space, which means spending money. 

     K-12 isn't really a bad thing, nor is it a really good thing. It will again be one of the tough challenges the Philippines will have to face. It will be a big change, but who knows, K-12 just might be the ticket to a better, bighter, and more peacful Philippines. 
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