Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Changing it up

     Hey! Starting today, I'll be posting everything with a specific topic. I won't be posting things randomly anymore, except if I've really got to post something for an important reason or something. If I do, I will be canceling the scheduled topic. Here's the new schedule.

Monday: Harry Potter. To show my Potterhead pride, I'll be posting everything Harry Potter. Crafts, news, short pieces of fan fictions, poems, and more.

Tuesday: Random time. I'll be showing formal themes I've written at school, short stories, and poems.

Wednesday: Fanfiction! Every Wednesday, I'll be creating episodes of fan fiction, and each piece will be good for one month. For every month, there will be a specific story.

Thursday: Inspiring Quotes. Just like my previous posts, I will be featuring quotes said by many different people, and I'll be discussing them as well.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday: Classic Wonderings of a Writer. On these three days, you'll read about book reviews as always.

     I may not be able to post stuff everyday, but there will surely be at least three posts in a week. I will also be starting on Thursday, October 1. Happy blogging!
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