Wednesday, September 09, 2015

"There Are Far Better Things Ahead Than We Ever Leave Behind"

     The author of one of my favorite books said that. C.S Lewis. The author of the very famous book series, The Chronicles Of Narnia. As always, I strongly agree with him. We may have experienced a lot of good things, but there are even better things ahead of of us.

     I didn't know what to post on my blog today, and I decided to write something about a quote. I began scrolling through my collected photos from Pinterest, and I knew that this quote was the best quote to suit my feelings today. So far, school hasn't been as I expected, and last year was far more better. When I read this quote, I knew that even though the first "Ber" month has started, I still do my best to stay patient and wait for God's perfect timing. Then I realized that last year was the best school year, but I should know that there are far better things waiting ahead of me. The only answer in making those better things show up is patience. Everything in the world becomes so much better with patience. Cooking, studying, working, writing, dancing and more! You name it. I don't think that there's anything in the world that is done better without patience. Far more better things are just ahead of us. If you want to make them show up, be patient.
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