Friday, September 25, 2015

Choosing the One

Topic: The path that Juan takes today

     Are you one of the many Filipinos who complain because of President Benigno NoyNoy Aquino II's way of leading our country? If you answered yes, then I think that you'll be happy to hear that the Philippines will be holding presidential elections next year. I'm sure that you have noticed a lot of commercials of people running for president 2016 on TV, and this year, Filipinos will have to be wise in choosing the leader who they think is worthy of being our next president. 

     Elections are the future of the Philippines. The number of votes are also our future. A single vote could change our future. A single vote could make a candidate win. A single vote could make a candidate a world record breaker. Most Filipinos aren't very wise in voting and they tend to choose anyone without even knowing who they are. If you vote for the wrong candidate, the future may be a dark world. What if that candidate was corrupt? What if he was mean? What if he wasn't a great leader? Think again and again before voting, you may not know that your vote could be the last vote needed to make your candidate win! (Just make sure that he isn't a bad leader though)

    Here in the Philippines, we used to have a lot of presidents who were accused as being corrupt such as Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. She was said to be the most corrupt president of the Philippines, even more corrupt than Ferdinand Marcos and Joseph Estrada. Take a look at Gloria now. She's been arrested. She's unwanted. She has become a victim of the people she used to lead. 

     In former President Gloria's case, I should say that Filipinos mostly vote for a candidate if he has something in return. Mostly, it's money. If you have seen commercials, almost all of them are about president candidates helping children to complete their studies, helping the elderly have a better life, or giving poor people billions of money. As I have heard from most people, these things are just for show. Some candidates show that they're worthy of helping out Filipinos, and they'll give billions if they have to. But we have to open our eyes. Surely, helping others isn't bad, but to give someone a billion, now that's different. That's too much. Seeing our country today, it doesn't seem like someone would do that. 

      What path will you take? Who will you vote for? Be wise. You never know when that single vote of yours could be the key to a better future. Choose who you think deserves the position. Choose who you think can work hard for our country. Choose who is busier in thinking of ways for a better country than for someone who has done nothing but shoot TV commercials. Choose who you know isn't corrupt, and will always be willing to help Filipinos.

*One of the pieces in Journalism training

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