Monday, September 21, 2015

The Future in those Hands

     Everyday, more and more kids become more lazy to study. They think of education as something that won't help you in the future. They think that it's just something they're forced to do. They think it's similar to prison - a place your forced to stay at everyday. They waste their parents' hard worked money for nothing. They waste it on nonsense. Kids who study in private schools, especially here in the Philippines aren't very grateful for the education they get that other children don't. They get the education other children wish for when other children would be dying to study in a private school.

     A regular poor child here in the Philippines would have to go to a school with lacking chairs, textbooks, classrooms, space, papers, and pencils. When it's lunch time, sometimes the child would have nothing to eat. Then, after a child gets home from school, he/she has to help their parents in doing work just to get their daily needs - which sometimes isn't even enough. They sweat and they cry. They sleep with an unstable home. They live in a house that where raindrops can get in. And where do these hard worked tears and sweat go to? Nowhere. They think that they're still the poor children who will never have a good life. For them, that's reality.

     The future of the whole world lies in each child's hands. Bare the pain, since I tell you that the result will be better than the good things you ever leave behind. We are the future. Children are the passages to a better world. You don't finish your studies just to get a great job when you grow up, you have to do it for the whole world. Take Lea Salonga for example. Of course, we all know that she's a very gifted singer. And her country? The Philippines. Think of being famous, and representing your country. A country the world wouldn't expect to have someone as talented as her. A country that has fallen into pieces, and still managed to have someone like her. Isn't it just magical? It's so unexpected, yet we manage to have people like her.

     If you're a child, this letter is dedicated just for you.
Dear _______,
     Wether your poor, rich, or the option in between, do your best in everything. Everything. May it be a small game between you and your friends, or a Math Contest against other schools, do your very best. Do better than best. If you fail, get up. If you succeed, keep it up. Don't ever take your achievements as luck. Succeeding is never luck. Remember that. The future is in your hands. The beautiful world you look up to is in your hands. Yes, the hands you're looking at now. You. The future lies in you.
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