Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Happy Birthday, Mama Mary!

     Once again, I would like to say Happy happy birthday to our Blessed Virgin Mary. A lot of people in the world wouldn't care about a small celebration like this. They wouldn't care. But today is far more valuable than we could ever imagine. We aren't just celebrating the birthday of some random guy in the street, we're celebrating the birthday of sweet Mama Mary! The person who gave birth to our savior Jesus Christ. Mama Mary isn't just anyone. God chose her to become the mom of Jesus, and he did that for a reason.

     Today at school, we held a mass. We also met the new priest of our school. I would just like to say that I kind of miss our old priest, Father Lester. He has been our priest for many years, and he was even the priest in our first communion. It felt kind of weird to have a new priest, but the school welcomed him with open arms. We offered white and red roses to Mama Mary, and had a research activity in the library about the birth of Mama Mary and the Marian celebration. I am very grateful to God for making Mama Mary's birthday a really good day. A day filled with happiness, peace, and positivity. :)

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