Saturday, September 12, 2015

The Very First School Paper Training...For Me

     Yesterday, a schoolmate had given me a letter regarding the "Inside your Backpack" training on Saturday. Which was today. One word as usual. SHY. If you didn't know, "Inside your Backpack" is our school paper, the one which I have auditioned for. I went with my classmate, Elyssa. Obviously, I never left her side except for the part when we had to go to our high school teachers. Why? All the Members of the School Paper in our level were from the cream section. And when I say all, I mean me and Elyssa were like the only ones who weren't one of them. Actually, those were also some of the reasons of why I sometimes didn't want to attend Journalism training without Elyssa. I do NOT know any of them.

     I woke up at 6:25 am, and got to school at about 7:30 am. I waited for Elyssa in our car, and felt thousands of butterflies flying carelessly around inside my tummy. It wasn't comfortable at all. Once my phone vibrated, I got a text from Elyssa telling me to go out since she was really close. My mom brought me to inside the waiting area of the school, and after a second, Elyssa came out of her car. I kissed my mom as she left. Then, me and Elyssa walked going to the Upper School Annex Canteen with our legs trembling, and each neuron slowly exploding. We peeked through the open path towards the high school building. The high school's School paper members were there. And they weren't very inviting. We knew that they were better than us, and it was kind of awkward to do something when you know that someone's better. Me and Elyssa backed out and decided to pass through another way, since passing there would a bit humiliating.

     Some of the high school students became our teachers, and I do have to say that for high school students, they're doing a pretty good job. Since I chose Feature Writing, my teachers said that it had more freedom and creativity than news writing, but the facts still had to be there. I also learned that Essays get straight to the point and is quite technical, while Feature Writing uplifts your piece,always needs facts, and has a moral in the end. We were asked to write something about these three topics throughout the day; Juan Dela Cruz as the Goverment, Struggles in the New World, and Pabebe (Yes, I know. I don't like the title either.) I also wrote a piece called "Invisibility Seen Differently" which I will be posting tomorrow. When me and Elyssa passed our work with my topic as "Struggles in The New World" to Mr. Harris (Not a High School Student), we thought he didn't call us for improvements since he left the canteen without a word. But as he came back, he DID call us. He told me that the piece I wrote was too short (I think the reason of that is because I wrote my sentences a space apart) and that I should have written something people are REALLY struggling with in the new world we live in today like traffic, etc, etc instead of struggles like how the citizens of the world have become more sensitive (Example: "Ugh! I still can't buy the i phone 6!) and make stuff which aren't problems, problems. When I told my dad about this, he told me that Journalism was really like that since the paper needed facts, and the one I wrote was more on Creative Writing (I loved that comment!). I almost forgot to tell you that one girl in the emblem who was from the cream section and also our batchmate was so annoying. Me and my friends call her "Maarte" in other words. I was finishing my first piece when her dad came to bring her lunch, I looked at her then went back to writing. As she passed by me, she looked at my paper then made her hair move with fly through the wind with hands. Then after a few minutes while I pass by her, she asks for help in thinking of a title. HOW ANNOYING.

      Today wasn't really as bad as I had expected. It was quite fun, since High School Students taught us. They weren't very strict and were fun to be with, and they were more comfortable to talk with since we knew that they were students just like us as well. It was tiring, but what's happened has happened, and who knows, maybe everything I've been writing will become better, right?

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