Friday, September 11, 2015

Ever After High

Ever After High

     After a century, I finally remembered the one thing that made me and my friends last school year even closer to each other. It was like "the force" if we were in Star Wars. It binds the galaxy together. Only in our case, we call it "Ever After High", and that was one thing me and all of my friends loved. And it was also one thing I would never forget.

     Actually, Ever After High is Web show, which is similar to the more popular show "Monster High". Ever After High (The web show) is about a school where all the fairytale daughters and sons study. The students are divided into three; the royals, who want to follow in their destiny and become the next fairytale legends, the rebels, who want to write their own destiny and create their own happily ever after, and the neutrals who are obviously the ones who aren't royals, and also aren't rebels. Last year, we would pick our favorite character then pretend to be him/her (And yes, even the boys liked it). My character was Ashlynn Ella, the daughter of Cinderella, and my two friends were Apple White and Raven Queen. Actually, neutrals at Ever After High aren't very common. Only a few characters like the three little pigs, Helga Crumb, and Dust Crumb are included. What does Ever After High have to do with me and my friends, more than the reason that we love it? We don't just love it, we're addicted to it. 

      Journals, name tags, drawings, books and more! Everything you need to become a total fairytale (FYI, that means we have everything we need to become a student of EAH)! And here are the some of those Ever After High addict stuff we do/have:  

     You could say that we're crazy weirdos, and I sooo agree. 

For more info, visit Ever After High's website here:

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