Monday, August 31, 2015

The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe

      A lion, a witch and a wardrobe. These three things are the weirdest combinations to one of the best books in all time history. Narnia is a land very far from a place we call home. The four Pevensie children Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy have no idea of what is inside one of the closets they have. But wait! What exactly is Narnia? Now I would be sooo surprised if you haven't heard about this magical land. Narnia is a world where things you wouldn't normally see in our world exist. Centaurs, talking beavers, fauns, a witch with powers, and talking lions are only the few things that fill up Narnia. What does a lion, witch and wardrobe have to do with this? Read on. 

     This short summary would begin on a day in where the four Pevensies are located. As far as I can remember, these kids were sent away from London during the war. They were in a house belonging to an old professor. One day, these kids explored the big big big house. Lucy decided to look at a wardrobe. She opened it and began to feel curious about the many sets of coats. She ended up going inside the closet. Farther, farther, and farther. Lucy found herself far from the long series of coats in a snowy place. There she meets a faun named Mr. Tumnus. She is told about a white witch who made Narnia snowing for the past years (And is the main antagonist). As Lucy Goes back through the wardrobe, her brothers and sisters would not believe in such a world like that. Until a day came where Edmund sees Lucy going into the wardrobe. He plans on teasing her, but he instead finds hisself in what he thought was Lucy's immagination, Narnia. Edmund ends up siding with the white witch, falling for the delicious Turkish delight. 

     Of course, Peter and Susan find theirselves going into the closet with Edmund and Lucy, hiding from a group of tourists in the house. They all ended up in Narnia, and that my friend, is where the adventure begins. The Pevensie children meet talking beavers who help them in their journey. Edmund becomes a traitor because of deciding to go to the white witch. The three Pevensies meet Father Christmas and earn gifts. Then, the three finally find Aslan the lion. Wait, who's Aslan? Aslan is a lion and is the real king of Narnia. If I haven't told you, the white witch apparently calls herself the queen of Narnia, but you should know that it isn't true. But now what's the problem aside from Edmund becoming a traitor at first? War between the side of Aslan and the witch is about to happen. 

     I myself sometimes go into my closet and pretend that I would be going to Narnia. C.S Lewis has definitely done a great job. Classic, not really modern, but one of the best. I enjoyed reading Narnia, especially when the adventure finally began. Curiosity and excitement are two feelings you are not going to miss. Once you've finished reading the book, surely you'll be going into your wardrobe and finding at least a little hint of snow.

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