Saturday, August 22, 2015

The Frog Princess

     Emeralda thought that the swamp was a magical place where new lives began and old ones ended, where enemies and heroes weren't always what one expected, and where anything could happen, even to her, a clumsy little princess. She went to the swan, avoiding Prince Jorge, the prince her mom wanted her to marry. Ema explored the swamp, thinking more about her mother than her surroundings. And then she heard a voice. She turned toward the voice, but all that was seen was the swamp. Nothing else. Then she saw a slimy, green frog. The frog exclaimed he was a prince, and he was turned into a frog thanks to a witch. A princess like Ema had to kiss him just to make him a prince. The frog's name as he said, was Prince Eadric. When Emma came back to the swamp, devastated and miserable, she talked to Prince Eadric. Since her favorite aunt, Grassina wasn't around, and since she wanted someone she could tell the miserable way her mother treated, she talked to Prince (or should I say frog) Eadric. While speaking to the frog in front of her, Emma was convinced that kissing him, a frog, was better that marrying Prince Jorge, someone who she barely even knew. Emma thought that Eadric would suddenly become a human again, but The situation became worse. Emma looked at a butterfly, it's size was gigantic. The colors in her eyes were brighter and there were more of them. Her nostrils flared at the sour smell of decaying vegetation and swamp muck. Once she tried to stand, a pair of webbed feet and long, muscular legs stretched out right in front of her. She was a frog. A slimy, icky, green, warty, little frog. She was helpless, without a soloution to be formed. It felt like one big dream, and she would wake up later on. 

     Emma and Eadric suddenly become more close to each other, looking for a soloution that was good enough to solve the big mess they've made. While trying to get back to Emma's castle, a witch named Vanabe gets them to complete a potion she's been working on for a very long time - and two frogs were just on her list. As the two frogs find a way for escape, they meet a bat and a snake who become their trustworthy companions for the rest of the journey. 

     The Frog Princess gave me more of an adventure than I have ever expected. It's more than your classic Disney "The Princess and the Frog". Emma - a stubborn girl who laughs like a cow, and Eadric - a total feeler who knows a lot of stuff, are the two things needed to form one of the best adventures - they're from two different worlds, they have opposite personalities, and they work together like an unstoppable team. I wonder if E.D Baker was a frog, since he seems like a close friend of Eadric's. 

*Book Review

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