Friday, August 21, 2015


     "I won't describe what I look like. Whatever you're thinking, it's probably worse" The thought of this makes you wonder. What in the world could be worse? August Pullman is the answer. Auggie has never been to a big school in his entire life. Whenever he goes out of the house, children would stare and stare and stare. He never had any friends, except for his family. His one and only desire was to become normal. Auggie was ugly. He didn't deserve to be a part of the world.

     But as they say, don't judge a book by its cover. Auggie isn't full of ugliness. If you would look deep deep deep in that ten-year-old's ugly little face, you would see kindness, bravery, friendship, and magic. This year, Auggie is finally going to Beecher Prep, a big school. And excited is definetly one of the words Auggie was not at all feeling. He knew he was going to be teased and laughed at. He knew he was going to be isolated from the others. 
     He makes three friends - Julian (who was the rudest one,and later on becomes a bully), Charlotte, and Jack Will, who were secretly asked by Mr. Tushman, the school principal, to make friends with him. Auggie met them before classes started, when they toured him around the school. Then he later on finds out that his "friends" were as fake as plastic. Knowing that Charlotte, Jack, and Julian weren't his friends, was unbearable. No one in the world could ever resist that, especially hearing that awful awful awful sentence from Jack's mouth, who was Auggie's closest friend. But Summer, a girl Auggie met from the lunch table, was the kindest child out of everyone in Beecher Prep. She made friends with Auggie without Tushman asking her. Auggie is quite happy, but the fact that he was ugly, and he was being bullied was still there. He didn't magically transform into a prince-he was still that Auggie who was uglier than a frog. He could never be happy. 

     Later on, Auggie discovers that Jack wasn't at all faking him. Summer was still his friend. The school year was finally at its end and graduation day was right around the corner. At first, Auggie is as sad as a helpless, innocent, little puppy. And now that it was graduation day, he's walking towards the stage with a big smile on his face - knowing that he's got real friends who love him for what he is. Friends who never judged him. Friends he knew would never leave him alone. Just being called as someone's friend was something he knew he would never forget. 

     R.J Palacio deserves a hundred stars. Wonder is a one of a kind story which will make your heart cry a bucket of tears. It's unforgettable. You will see that people aren't what they look like on the outside. They're more than what you would expect. Imperfections are only a part of everyone that make theirselves perfectly imperfect. 
*Book Review

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